Eye Candy Friday – Little Drummer Boy Edition

Well, at least someone’s making good use of my long-neglected drums…

Happy Friday, everyone!


Eye Candy Friday – Corgi Hill Fangirl Edition

It’s no secret: My love for Corgi Hill Farm knows no bounds. AnnaMarie is not only a fiber-dying genius, she’s also a smothered in copious amounts of awesomesauce. Her Ravelry group is one of my favorites, such a great, active community of very cool people.

Recently, AnnaMarie put out the call for someone to design her a banner and button for the Rav group. I jumped at the chance to dust off my old Photoshop skills and threw a couple things together. AnnaMarie loved them and offered to compensate me for the effort. Since I can’t resist pretty things, she put together a surprise package that showed up on my doorstep and completely blew me away. Included was this unknown quantity (has to be 8 or 9 ounces) of absolutely amazing merino/yak/silk blend in the most perfect shades of red.

She also sent a bag full of fiber samples in beautiful colorways and two ounces of delicious merino/cashmere/bombyx top that very quickly found its way onto my brand-new Bosworth spindle and will make it’s appearance here in due time.

So, not only is AnnaMarie a fiber-dying phenom, she’s also so unbelievably, mindblowingly generous, and she overwhelmingly wins the Weaselmomma Stamp of Approval. If you’ve yet to experience this awesome, get yourself over to her Etsy shop and check her out.

Thank you again, AnnaMarie! And happy Friday everyone!

Eye Candy Friday – Misty Moisty Morning Edition

One of my favorite nursery rhymes as a child, and it’s been stuck in my head all morning. It’s one seriously misty and moisty (and blustery!) morning here; however, one member of the family is enjoying the weather. Oh, what a tough life my poor fluffball leads, all cuddled up on the papisan chair as I get ready for work on one of those mornings where everyone should really just stay in bed.

Happy Friday!