Mother-Nature-is-My-Homegirl Post of Epic Randomness

It dawned on me that taking some WIP pics this morning might have been a good use of my delayed office opening. But, of course, I didn’t actually do this. 

Way to go.

You’ll just have to imagine how awesome the colorwork on these looks. And how I’m cruising along on these awesome-looking cables.

I did snap this pic of the worst part of my commute today.

I hardcore love this building.

That’s the traffic getting off the highway at my exit, backed up for a quarter mile because three lanes are down to two.

But, there are worse sights to see while you’re sitting in traffic. I’ve worked in that on that campus and under that gold dome for four years now, and I’m still constantly struck by how beautiful that building is. Can you believe there are people who actually think it’s ugly? Crazy.

Mother Nature dumped another foot of snow on us last night, officially making this the snowiest January ever. Literally. Folks round these parts are unhappy, but I’m loving it. The kids love it, too. Tilly plays with the snow off my boots! Simon likes watching the neighbors use the snowblower.

So cute…and so smart!

I don’t know where he learned how to use his paw to part the blinds and look out the window—his mother doesn’t do this—but it cracks me up every time. He’s just so charming!

Madori, however, prefers her prime spot: The couch.

:::contented sigh:::

Even better if she’s under the blanket. Even better if that blanket is my Girasole.

Annual Busy Time, along with Extra Work I Do After Actual Work, is totally kicking my ass right now. But I have been knitting. No spinning to speak of, but lots of knitting—it saves the sanity. It’ll all get blogged at some point…maybe…

One thought on “Mother-Nature-is-My-Homegirl Post of Epic Randomness

  1. kateohkatie says:

    That building is gorgeous! And I’m so jealous of all your snow. I can understand – intellectually – why people dislike snow. But I just can’t bring myself to agree with them. I mean, IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!! 🙂

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