Well, Hello There 2011…

I ushered out 2010 and welcomed 2011 with two faves on what wound up being a really fantastic night.

2010 was a weird year for me: fewer tears, big changes, mountains of stress and mountains of joy…it was a year to reboot, I think. Not great, but not horrid.

2010: The year of the kitties

I have high hopes for 2011.

I’ve been on vacation since Xmas Eve; tomorrow, I go back to work and Wednesday starts Annual Busy Time. This vacation was all about recharging my batteries…and catching up on so many little things. So, here’s my catch-up blog post…


I finally got around to taking project pics. I’m still not in love with my new camera, but we’re getting along better than we were; color is still a bit off, though. Gotta figure that setting out…

“Dutch Tulip”

This is the 80/20 merino/cashmere 2-ply laceweight from Corgi Hill that spent so much time on Evelyn this fall. It’s lovely, and will make some pretty lace someday.


These were, officially, the most labor-intensive socks ever.

“See You Later”

They weren’t difficult, and they worked up very quickly, but the manual crossing, twisting and interlacing of the stitches was really intense. They came out fantastic, though…

Great pairing of pattern and colorway

…and I see many more handspun socks in my future. I also see more toe-ups with heel flaps. Way better fit on my feet than short-row heels.


I knocked out that pair of Pointelles. They finished beautifully.

Cookie A. is a flippin genius.

I still have to give them to Mom for her birthday. I’m resisting the urge to keep them. That little touch of cashmere just makes them so delicious.


I Navajo plied off the first skein of Crazy Silk

The silk that never ends…

…and wound up with 339 yards of 52 WPI. I have a lot more of this to spin…a lot…


I finally got around to photographing Multnomah.

Pretty sparkly waves

The pics are terrible, but the shawl is lovely.


I knocked out a quick hat between Xmas and New Years.


It was a tricksey little pattern, very engaging to knit. The two yarns—Malabrigo Worsted and Lorna’s Laces Greenline Worsted—are just delicious together.


I’ve spent way more time on knitting than spinning lately. This BFL has been on Evelyn for quite a while now.

From FiberOptic, in “Vitamin C,” a bright cheerful orange batik

I have so many things I want to knit, though, that it might have to stay on Evelyn for a while longer.


My current obsession is my Girasole.

A delightful project!

I can’t seem to put it down! It’s on track to be my first FO of 2011.


So, here’s to a new year! One full of friends and creativity and love and fun and much, much more!


2 thoughts on “Well, Hello There 2011…

  1. Cathy Williams says:

    Beautiful yarn and beautiful projects you are so talented.

  2. kateohkatie says:

    Holy FO-lah, Batman!

    Coincidentally, I just finished a Multnomah, too. But there won’t be blog pics ’till I know it reached its recipient (she reads my blog) 🙂

    It’s a great little pattern!

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