Such a Disaster

I was a cooking fiend this weekend. Saturday, I threw a beef stew in my Crockpot and made tomato soup while Mark came by to grout my new tile countertop. It looks fantastic!

He also brought his much-loved Naughty Reindeer hat with him so that I could finally get some finished pics of it.

A hat this epic deserves an equally epic pompom.

The pattern is pretty simple, if riddled with long floats. However, instead of being a total dope and using a silk blend for colorwork (as I have been known to do in the past), I smartened up and used good ‘ole Cascade 220. The stickiness made the floats easier…most of the tension issues came out with a good wet block on my glass head. To make it cozy, since I don’t find Cascade 220 particularly cozy myself, I put in a partial lining—just up to the ears—with some soft and fuzzy angora/bombyx handspun, which I didn’t snap a shot of, of course.

I have it on good authority that this hat gets a lot of wear. There’s nothing better in the world than a much-loved handknit!

Immediately after I snapped these pics, I dropped my beloved little camera LCD-screen-side-down on the hardwood floor. I joked out loud, “Way to break your camera, Jac,” and realized hours later that I had, in fact, broken my camera. Totally fried the screen and broke the little tab that holds the battery in place; it won’t even stay on, just turns itself off.

Such a disaster…so tragic…

I was so upset, I couldn’t help but jump online and order a new one. (I’m a Pentax girl for life.) It’ll be here in a couple days, thank goodness, because I feel completely lost without my camera.

Yesterday, I made brocolli mac ‘n’ cheese, my second attempt at that recipe and a good one; it came out even better than my first try. And, in an effort to use up some sweet potatoes before they bit it, I whipped up Smitten Kitchen’s sweet potato buttermilk pie, which came into work with me today. And I threw together a few batches of dough for these delicious-looking French Butter Cookies. Its currently chilling in my freezer, waiting to be sliced and baked at some point.

Of course, since I’m such a disaster and broke my camera, I have no pics of any of this culinary awesomeness.


In knitting news, I finished the first Pointelle sock, and started the cuff on the second. Great pattern, and the yarn is just wonderful. I’ll show them off at some point…such a disaster…


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