Operation Stash Containment

For the entirety of my knitting career, I’ve prided myself on my stash containment. Yes, the stash has been sizable for sometime, but it was never out of control. I’d hear stories of wool stashed in pianos, in every closet in the house, in the couch cushions—wool stuffed in every imaginable place because the stash is just that out of control.

But not me. My stash always resided happily in two under-the-bed storage bins, resting safely, waiting patiently and comfortably until its turn came round.

This is no longer the case.

There it is…the whole stash…just sitting there…waiting…mocking…

And it’s driving me bonkers.

Now, it hasn’t gotten so unruly that it’s all over the house. But, it all has to be locked away because of a certain yarn-chewing cat and her wool-stealing spawn. Gone are the days when I could artfully drape Malabrigo in a basket on the bookshelf and call it “home decor.” It all gets stashed…and the stash is getting snug.

So, in order to remedy this problem, Operation Stash Containment, or OSC for short, is commencing today. Actually, it’s already kind of begun, but its “official” start date is right now. No waiting until January 1…this project needs to start ASAP.

And here’s the rules:

  • Operation Stash Containment will be deemed “complete” when the *entire* stash once again fits in those two under-the-bed storage containers. And this means *actually* fits, without bulging in the middle like they’re kind of doing right now…
  • This doesn’t just include the yarn. It includes the fiber, too. All stash must be contained. (Of course, yarn takes up less space than fiber, but spinning is more labor intensive than knitting. So, it’s a tradeoff.)
  • Only once OSC is complete am I allowed to buy yarn or fiber again. Yup, this is a purchasing freeze as well. It does not, however, apply to tools needed to complete projects. I will be needing new needles for some projects…seriously, how do I not own US 7 or a US 8 Addi Turbos??  Books and patterns are also exempt.
  • Yarn needed to finish a project is allowable. However, projects cannot be chosen if from the outset it is understood that more yarn will be needed. For example, I can’t go out and buy a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in “Natural” because I decide I want to do colorwork with that skein of  “Sealing Wax.” But if I’m using the “Sealing Wax,” and I need more to finish the project, I can buy another skein. The objective is to match projects to stash in order to decrease quantity, not as an excuse to purchase.
  • Gifts of yarn and fiber, as well as any contest or giveaway winnings, will still be accepted; however, they too must be contained.
  • I get two get-out-of-jail-free cards over the life of the project. Because I’m not perfect.
  • I’m also building in a specific Rhinebeck Exemption. Because there’s a possibility I won’t be done by that time next year, and I need to be prepared.
  • I need an enforcer…or two. I’ll be accepting nominations and applications. Enforcers must be tough enough to withstand the effects of notorious stashown naysayers. **coughcoughKriscoughcough**

So there it is…all laid out in black-and-white. A little daunting, I’ll admit. But I did decide to reward myself for actually taking the leap with a little something, well within the rules, that should help me make shorter work of some of the enmass sock yarn in the stash. USPS tells me it should be home tomorrow or Wednesday…very excited about that.


6 thoughts on “Operation Stash Containment

  1. Oh, Jacie. if you’d like to give up this nonsense and just contain what you have and make room for more, I’ve got bins you can take. just say the word…

  2. kazkitty says:

    Don’t you listen to Kris!!

    I’ll help keep you in check.. and I know you’ll do the same for me. 😉
    Except I’m not quite ready to take the plunge yet… Jan 1 for meeeeee!

    Although.. if you want an extra bin for kitty stealing prevention, you just let us know.

  3. JJ says:

    There’s a group on Rav – Cold Sheep – where we all commit to not buying for whatever time you want. It’s really helped me stay on the straight and narrow. I haven’t bought any new yarn or fiber (other than a club that just ended) since NE Fiber Festival a few weeks ago. Do you think a group like this might help? I thought it would be tough, but between the group and a shift in thinking, I’ve been looking at the stash with new eyes. Now I’m excited about yarn I hadn’t really taken a good look at in a while.

    I probably sound like one of those born-again whatevers. Anyway, just a thought.

    • weaselmomma says:

      Thanks for the idea! I’m pretty committed to this, but a “support group” might be helpful 🙂

      I’m actually really excited about this. I’ve got all my stash posted in Rav already, and I’m enjoying scrolling through it and deciding what I’m going to make with what. I wish I had more hands or hours in the day, lol.

  4. Allison says:

    ME!!!!! I will send you hateful messages via the internet. I’ll have my spies send me updates.

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