Warning: Blogger Fail Ahead

My favoritest fave was home for a whole week, and we did a whole lot of groovy things. We ate delicious food, and played with pretty yarns at Stitches East. We visited with friends and went to a really hilarious comedy show at my favorite brew house, City Steam. Allison finished The Purple Cardigan of Forever and, upon promise to frog two remaining projects, officially received my blessing to call her Finish or Frog It endeavor complete. We played with the kittens and hung out with faves and I took time off of work and politics and just had a nice visit.

I, of course, took no photos of any of this. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Epic blogger fail.

Interspecies snuggling. If only Simon’s mother would follow his shining example of interspecies getting-along-ness.

Yesterday, Allison packed up little Frankie, and the two of them made their way back to West Virginia, officially leaving me with just Matilda and Simon, bringing my great kitten adventure to a close. Tilly spent about a half hour calling out (rather loudly, I might add…) to Frankie and was notably subdued for the rest of the day. I knew this transition would be the toughest yet for her; she and Frank were good pals.

Simon was extra snuggly, too, and the house just felt more…quiet.

Puppy butt-fluff makes an awesome blankey!

It was a little sad, but nice nonetheless. Next week, Tilly gets her spay, officially taking us out of the kitten-making business forever. Very much looking forward to that.

While I didn’t get any pics of any of the fun stuff we did, I did take this shot of my finished Reading Mitts.

Alpaca and silk, all blocked and everything.

I hope my mom likes them!

And, in a renewed effort to make a dent in my now semi-unweildy stash, I started a new project with my merino/silk/firestar Green Racer handspun.

Uber-sparkle, I haz it.

Inspired by Jenni and Emilee’s very pretty versions, the pattern is Multnomah (Rav link). It’s working up ridiculously fast…garter stitch plus feather-and-fan is good for that…and it’s totally mindless. I think I’ll be gifting it eventually, maybe to my brother’s girlfriend for Xmas. It’s in her colors, and a tad too sparkly for me.

Tomorrow is Election Day, a long and busy day for me. Did you know that this year marks the 90th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which officially gave women in the United States the right to vote? I try to keep politickey-ness out of this blog, but in honor of this auspicious occasion, I hope all women, regardless of political affiliation, will get out there and vote tomorrow. Do those courageous women who fought so hard for our rights proud!

Simon says, “Vote for me for president of adorable couch snuggling!”