Everyone’s New Favorite Pastime

There’s a new favorite game that we play in my house. I call it, “Where are those damn cats?!?”

At any given time, I can stand up and declare, “Where are those damn cats?!?” and then a scavenger hunt commences.

Sometimes, I find one on the futon…

I didn’t do it. Swear. Was prolly my spawn.

…and sometimes there’s one in Madori’s dog bed.

Oh, hai.

Sometimes, there’s one watching TV….

We love “500 Days of Summer” in this house.

…and othertimes we spot one sitting at the kitchen table.

Trouble, trouble, trouble…

Sometimes there’s one in my lap…

I love my handsome snuggle boy.

…and sometimes the same one just hangs out with Madori.

Chizzillin’ wit the pooch-ski.

And sometimes, I find a particular one boldly going where the little boys can’t get to her…

Mommy’s new favorite getaway: On top of the 6-foot-tall bookshelf, taking spawn avoidance to new heights.

…but those same little boys don’t really seem to mind…

So warm, so soft, so cozy

…they just spend their time in my bed instead!

Sleepy Frankie

Aren’t the boys getting so big?!?!?

Frankie goes to his forever home in just two weeks! And he’ll get to spend some quality time with his new mommy before they fly home together.

I’m very much looking forward to settling into a two-cat lifestyle that will be made even easier by 1) Simon’s serious puppy-like tendencies and 2) Tilly’s eminent spaying. Tilly’s appointment is set for her surgery on November 10, and it can’t get here soon enough. She’s in heat right now, and holy hell is she tough to deal with! I’m surprised every tomcat in the neighborhood isn’t sitting on my porch in the morning with the way she carries on all night long! Broken sleep is now part of my way of life…

Icky mommy has even tried enticing the boys to “take care of her.” Thankfully, at three months, they’re far too young for those shenanigans.


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