Most Productive Weekend Ever. Seriously.

Despite having some ridiculous lingering head cold all weekend, this past weekend was the most productive three days I’ve had in a while. For starters, two more kittens left for their wonderful new forever homes, leaving me with just a pair of mini furballs in my 700 square feet.

Simon and Franklin (formerly known as Bailey)

With the departure of their brothers, I let my two little boys loose on the rest of the apartment—a transition that went surprisingly well for all species involved—and set about undertaking a 24-hour room renovation.

By Saturday night, with some help from Jenni, my kitten room had been totally repurposed into a kitten room/guest room/den that I am totally and completely in love with.


I may have missed my calling in life. This was a super fun project, and the tiny little room is totally transformed.

I don’t want to work. I just want to paint interior decor all day.

The icky brown floor got a coat of primer and two coats of bright new gray paint, and all the trim, doors, and door and window frames got a fresh coat of white semi-gloss. We moved in a new little futon, and an old fish tank stand I had plus a $15 Target end table got a new shabby-chic facelift.

Crackle coating does it again!

Those two refinished  pieces are my absolute fave. A couple accent pieces from Bed Bath & Beyond, my beloved sheepskin rug on the floor and a relocated houseplant topped it off.

I’m a sucker for a good paisley.

Eventually, I plant to sew some damask-print pillow covers for some toss pillows on the futon. But I’m totally psyched with how much we got done in such a short period of time. And Tilly totally approves of the makeover.

She spends a lot of time in there…

She spends a lot of time on that futon. I’ve even caught her sleeping on the cat tree. She seems so happy now that the kittens are loose. She runs and plays with them like the kitten she actually is, and she seems so relaxed now.

Lazy Kitty + Sunny Windowsill = Bliss

It all makes me really happy.

Sunday was spent being all politicky. But Monday, I got to hang out with the girls. Kris made yummy beef stew in her crockpot and homemade bread, and we hopped in the car and went to the Cheesecake Factory for coffee and dessert after dinner. It was awesome.

And sometime amidst all that, I finished and blocked my mom’s mitts. And my Rhinebeck sweater. And Mark’s hat. Three WIPs done. Boo-yah.

But today, I’m home sick from work. I guess everything’s a tradeoff.

So, the next couple days will be devoted to getting better because this weekend is freaking RHINEBECK! And I refuse to be sick. We check into the hotel on Friday, then it’s three days of fiber fun. I have five skeins and three knit pieces in the Skein & Garment Competition, and Jenni and I are competing in the Drop Spindle Contest on Saturday. Wish us luck!!

And enjoy this last picture of Frankie.

Awwww, sleepy Frankie…

He likes my bed. A lot. And he blends in with the blanket. Very cute.


6 thoughts on “Most Productive Weekend Ever. Seriously.

  1. Kris says:

    Forget politics – I think you’ve found your calling.

  2. councilblogs says:

    Weaselmomma, Just had to say enjoying your site. Good inspiration for our blogging club. Keep it up!

  3. kateohkatie says:

    Simply GORGEOUS room redo! I love it! 🙂

  4. tgulling says:

    Totally looks awesome!

  5. Allison says:

    I approve of this make over… mostly because I will be sleeping there.

  6. […] and a big part of that has been making my 700-or-so square feet all my own. The first project was the kitten-room re-do. This weekend was all about the […]

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