Random and Arbitrary Post

There’s been stitching and spinning ’round these parts, but first and foremost I have to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to Valeria! I’m seriously completely blown away. As of this morning, Valeria has been downloaded 697 times! And that, to me, is completely and utterly mindblowing. I have to admit: The idea of so many people even considering knitting my design is really, really cool. I cannot wait to see what other people do with the pattern.

Moving on, I need to show off my newest pretties from my favorite spindlemaker.

Oh, la, la….

That’s my new Two Tails blue mahoe and rosewood laminate (I think it’s Honduran rosewood on the whorl and East Indian rosewood for the shaft…could have them confused, though) sitting pretty on a pile of alpaca/merino/silk blend top from The Painted Sheep in “Merlot.” This is a total melding of the awesome right there: An awesome spindle with awesome fiber. A spinner’s dream.

She’s only the second laminate to come out of the Two Tails shop, and she’s pretty freaking sweet. Not much more needs to be said, there. Now, I just need to get that hat I’m knitting for the spindlemaker finished…

Next, I inherited this lovely as a “thank you” for the hours spent labeling, testing and demonstrating spindles before and during Fiber Twist.

So loving this spindle

That’s jobillo on hard maple, sitting on it’s own pile of pretty: four ounces of polwarth top from The Woolen Rabbit. I almost can’t believe no one picked this one up at Fiber Twist. She’s got a lovely rim weight,  but beyond that the whorl reminds me of a watercolor painting of the desert. So gorgeous, and so shiney and smooth! The jobillo polishes up like nothing I’ve ever seen before!

Also, holy polwarth! I’d heard good things about it but, wow. Spinning is believing. I see lots more polwarth on my horizon…it’s really a lot of fun to spin.

On the knitting front, I’m almost to the thumb gusset on my second Reading Mitt (Rav link).

Susie’s Reading Mitts, in Misti Alpaca Baby Suri Silk

These have been more trouble than I expected, but mostly because of my yarn choice. I didn’t like the fabric I got on the suggested needles, even though I got gauge. The silk content was making them too drapey. So, I went down needle sizes, which threw off the sizing completely. These are for my mom, who has bigger wrists and hands than I do, so they got ripped back a few times. But they’re on track now, and pretty mindless to knit.

I’m also on track to finish my Rhinebeck sweater in time. Woot!

Chunky yarn and cables are a recipe for a seriously quick knit

The pattern is Star Cross’d Love (Rav link), though I’ve made quite a few alterations, mostly to add length. The pattern was not made for someone with as long a torso as I have, but it’s a snap to alter, once you figure out what the hell you’re doing. The construction on this is so different from anything I’ve every encountered, which made it pretty engaging. It worked up super fast on US 10 needles with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.  She just needs sleeves—which I will now have, thanks to a swap with another Ravelrer that added four more balls in the same dyelot to the stash…yay for Rav!—and a good blocking.

She’ll be sporting this button that I picked up at JoAnns a really long time ago.

I love me a good damask print

That button was just waiting for the perfect sweater to stick onto, and I think it’s found it’s match.

Three more weeks to get this one wrapped up, and then it’s Rhinebeck weekend! It’s getting here so fast! I need to get my skein entries ready to go soon and get them in the mail by next week, but I’m working feverishly to see if I can get one last-minute skein done in time to send along as well. I spent a lot of quality time with Evelyn this weekend trying to get there.

Not sure I’ll make it, but it never hurts to try.

(Actually, it does. Right wrist is unhappy with me from all that drafting. But, for gorgeous red merino/cashmere laceweight, it’s more than worth it.)


2 thoughts on “Random and Arbitrary Post

  1. Emilee says:

    Oooh, I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Allison says:

    Is that from the infamous button shopping day? Because that has hilarious.

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