Dusting Off Some Cobwebs

Oh, hi there! Remember me? I write all sorts of drivel here from time to time, but I went on vacation for a week and this place got a little dusty. Sorry about that! But it’s back to the grind now, and since everyone loves pics, here’s me playing catch up. Cheers!  

My favorite-est fave was home from West-by-god-Virginia this past weekend. It was a whirlwind visit, but a good one. And we dragged her to Stitch ‘n’ Pitch in Bridgeport. It was chilly…thank goodness for handknits…which I forgot to wear. FAIL.


Kris and I took vacation together, and kicked off the week with a trip to the shoreline…starting with this little shack of a place in Stonington with a reputation for good seafood. The fried cod and lobster salad sliders did not disappoint!


Kris had a hankering for lobster. Poor little guy never stood a chance…


The beach at Watch Hill was closed, but a neighboring nature preserve wasn’t. It was gorgeous out there!


Went walked around in Mystic and checked out some of the little shops. Some were really cute. Some I could have spent a whole paycheck at. And some were just bizarre.


That same shop also had these odd fish ornaments. Very strange.


All in all, it was a simply perfect day!


The middle of the week was busy with yarn skeining and fiber dyeing, lunch with a very good friend and the first trip to the vet for the kittens…none of which I took photos of. Again, FAIL. So, we’ll just skip to the end of the week and the trip to NYC. This, my friend, is the one and only School Products.


And this is a table of cashmere at School Products.


And this is a table of tweedy cashmere at School Products. Now, WEBS will always be The Mecca. But School Products is truly a cashmere-lover’s dream.


Everybody left School Products with a little something. Jenni had this skein of cashmere stuffed in her bag and had the giant cone of wool tweed shipped back home. Who wants to carry that around New York?


And I scored these two gorgeous skeins of 100 percent cashmere laceweight singles, 500 yards total. Haruni, anyone? Or maybe a Swallowtail?


A short walk in the wrong direction took us to this sweet little restaurant a few blocks from School Products called Meli Melo. Little did we know we were in for one amazing lunch.


We all did the price fixe lunch, and I started with a tomato, mozerella and basil salad, one of my favorite things.


Next came the pork scallopini with mushrooms and creamed spinach. This was fabulous.


But things really got serious when we got to dessert. Chocolate and white chocolate mousse cake. Walked off a serious dairy overload after this one, but it was beyond worth it!

Our next stop was Habu. The things you find in Habu will blow your mind.


There are baskets everywhere. And in those baskets are wonderful, unique fibers and yarns that you'll never find anywhere else. It's a tiny little place, but more than worth the visit.

For instance, this is the craziest silk I've ever seen. Beyond fine and super shiny. It scares me a little.

And these are spools of pure silver. So beautiful.

Jenni fell for the on-sale cashmere.

And Emilee went for this buttery yellow cone. I think it's silk.

I went for silk and was tempted by the most beautiful bamboo I've ever seen. But, in the end, I went for cotton. Who would have guessed? But it's the softest cotton I've ever felt.

And since it was Habu, I had to go for something a little out there. This is a wool and paper yarn. I'm so intrigued by it, and can't wait to see what it can do!

Our last planned stop was in Central Park, where we sat for a little while, then had a little photo shoot for my 4! Ounce! Challenge design. My pattern will be published this week (woot!) so, I'll have more on that later.

We found a little burger joint to chill in for a while, since we missed our early train (no surprise there). Then we made our way to Grand Central and had beer and wine at one of the bars there before grabbing the 8:35 back to New Haven. Another great day!

Saturday night, I went to the spindlemaker's place to weigh, test, tag and inventory all the spindles for Sunday's Fiber Twist. It took five hours. But, he did some beautiful work and most of the spindles only needed minor adjustments. Of course, I didn't actually take any photos at Fiber Twist itself. Again, FAIL.

And that was it! Whirlwind week, but a good one nonetheless. And stay tuned for more on my first published design (woot!) later this week.


One thought on “Dusting Off Some Cobwebs

  1. Allison says:

    Epic fail… but I still love you.

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