Something New

This little skein is, without a doubt, the worst yarn I’ve spun in quite some time.

At least it’s soft…

It’s was a Corgi Hill merino/camel/tussah sample. It’s now a god-awful mini-skein of two ply. It’s wicked uneven, broken in spots and full of knots, icky by my standards, and would probably fall apart if I tried to knit with it. It partially fell apart while I was plying it. It’s not even going into my 2010 project archive page because it’s never going to be turned into anything. Structural integrity is seriously lacking.

Despite all that, I am deleriously proud of this awful little skein.


Because it’s the first thing I spun on this:

Apricot wood on pau ferro…sitting pretty on a pile of baby camel/tussah

Awww, yeah, baby. You like that support spindle action, don’t you?

I’d been eyeing the Grizzly Mountain Tibetan-style spindles for a while, so when I happened upon a shop update one fine day, I jumped. It took a solid hour to get the hang of it, and my work is far from perfect. It’s slubby and uneven. Hello, learning curve. But, it’s something new, and it’s really fun to play with. And I’m determined to master the fine art of long-draw on a spindle.

As soon as I finish that 4! Ounce! Challenge! prototype, that is.

And look what I found at this adorable little Turkish shop called Meyra in Newburyport a couple weekends ago.

Love these!

Are those not the most perfect little spindle bowls ever?

I might have a Spanish Peacock Russian spindle on it’s way to me as well. That’s totally Jenni‘s fault, though…


9 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Allison says:

    I need to come home and keep the two of your from enabling each other….

    ok that’s lies. I just need to come home.

  2. kazkitty says:

    Hey, you know if I didn’t tell you about it you would have been sad. ;P

    You can teach me how to spin on the pretties when they get here. 😀

  3. tgulling says:

    Actually, Al is the worst enabler of all of you! But I love her anyway!

  4. tgulling says:

    Spindle bowls?

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