Eye Candy Friday – Backyard Edition

I live in a six-family house, and the state of the backyard is a constant issue. My landlord is a dear friend, but to say it’s unkempt back there is probably putting it lightly. There is, however, this one Rose of Sharon bush—Kris informed me that’s what this is—that is absolutely gorgeous, especially this time of year.

Happy Friday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday – Backyard Edition

  1. Kris says:

    so pretty!

    If ever you and your landlord want to spruce up that backyard, I’m totally down with helping. You could make a lovely little shade garden back there.

    • weaselmomma says:

      Thanks! I told him I would totally plant gardens and take care of the borders, but I’m not doing it if he doesn’t get my neighbor to stop treating the place like a salvage yard.

      So far, that hasn’t happened, and I’m not doing all that work just to see it messed up. He’s gotta step up and lay down the law first…that’s not my battle, lol…

      I did consult with my floor-mate about doing a deck garden on our part of the porch next summer. He’s totally cool with the idea of barrels and windowboxes and hanging plants, so that’s my plan. 🙂

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