Newbury or Bust!

This past weekend, the girls and I packed up our spinning wheels, loaded them into The Mom Mobile (TM) and made the almost three-hour treck up to Newbury, Mass., for Fiber Revival at the Spencer Pierce Little Farm. The weather was gorgeous, the property was beautiful and the air was full of wool fumes.

This really cool windmill greeted us in Newbury. Some people hate these modern windmills, but I find them so beautiful.

Kris was way, way better with the photos than I was, so you can check out her post here. But, I managed to snag a few…

Jenni works on some Spunky fiber on her Ashford Joy.


This was Evelyn’s first outing since her restoration. In honor of the occasion, we started some Corgi Hill Farm merino/cashmere blend top. This stuff…OMG…it spins like WHOA.


Our resident photog had some camera hiccups. She got them all figured out, though.


Yup, I broke stashdown. I mean, how could I not break stashdown at a fiber festival? Especially when faced with amazing Kashmir fingering weight yarn and polwarth top (which you can see on the ground there) from The Woolen Rabbit.



After the Revival, (see, that’s all I took for pics…I know, I’m a terrible blogger) we went into Newburyport and found gelato. Gelato is delicious. And full of cream. Oh, yeah…



Then, on the way home, we stopped in this field we had spotted on the way in. It was breathtaking.


Sunflowers, sunflowers, everywhere. I love sunflowers.


Busy bumblebee!


I love my urban life. But sometimes it’s nice to get back to my country roots a little bit. (Sidebar: I really don’t know what my hair was doing here.)

All-in-all, a great day.

Despite evidence to the contrary, I actually have been knitting. A little. I’ve been slogging along on another sock scrap scarf (say that five times fast) and I started an epic hat for that woodturner guy I know in exchange for a new spindle and an awesome new orifice hook for Evelyn. And I finally blocked the Squirrel Mittens of Doom…I’ll post about them once I take pics.

Everything falls by the wayside lately because I seem to enter some sort of timewarp everytime I go near these things.












I’ve lost hours of my life. I don’t know where they went. All I do is go in there to scoop the litterbox and, just like that, 45 minutes disappear and I’m late to work again.

So weird…


8 thoughts on “Newbury or Bust!

  1. Hey, its the Non-Mom Mobile (TM). Or maybe the Painted Sheep mobile. But definitely not the Mom Mobile.

    It was a great day – we need to do more road trips. And gelato…

  2. kazkitty says:

    I agree with Kris! More road trips and gelato!!!

    And why do you always catch me making weird faces???? LOL

  3. Allison says:

    That’s so weird that about the time thing…. hmmm maybe you should see a doctor or send those cute little furballs to Dr. Al so I can make sure it’s not contagious… you know for science.

    • weaselmomma says:

      Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s highly contagious. Jenni and Kris have both been effected, as have Mark and Heather.

      I think it’s a serious case of acutekittenitis. You don’t want to be bringing that into a hospital…far too dangerous…

  4. tgulling says:

    Almost got one of them adopted off today. To bad Meghan’s landlord won’t let her have a cat.

    • weaselmomma says:

      Actually, three are already set on homes. And if the families that have expressed serious interest about the last two work out–as I suspect they will–then I should be good on kitten homes…thank goodness… 🙂

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