FO: Vivid Handspun

Remember the punta top from Fiber Fancy that I mentioned a couple posts back? Well, it’s gone from this…

Somewhere, over the rainbow…

….to this.


That’s 510 yards of standard three-ply, my first attempt at standard three-plying. I usually go for the Navajo ply, but I’ll admit that I was so inspired by Jenni’s gorgeous “Selfish” three-ply that I had to give it a go myself.

Pretty pretty plies

The final, finished, washed skein came out so much better than I expected it would. While plying, it looked like a disgusting muddy mess. The three plies barely lined up color-wise at all. I didn’t have high hopes for it, honestly. Once I was skeining, though, and I could see it as a whole, it started looking a whole lot better. There’s some difinitive color transitioning going on in there…very cool stuff.

Looking stripey…

I continue to be amazed that more indie dyers don’t dye punta wool. It’s inexpensive, it takes dye like whoa and it spins like WHOA. Some fibers you really have to work to spin evenly. This does all the work itself. I end up really really pleased everytime I work with it.

And Fiber Fancy does great things with highly saturated colorways…nary a bleeding skein to be found. A tiny bit of purple came out of this and that’s it. All-around good stuff. I’m thinking socks…and I should have the yardage for them…but maybe Rhinebeck first? Maybe…it’s not a perfect skein by any means. Not my most even ply ever. But it did come out pretty nice…

So much to love.

With this skein wrapped up, and all my bobbins empty, Evelyn’s free and clear to get my 4!Ounce!Challenge! spinning going. I’m almost a week behind where I wanted to be on the challenge, so I’m hoping to play catch-up this weekend. I’ve at least started spinning, so that’s a step in the right direction.

Need to get swatching, too…


3 thoughts on “FO: Vivid Handspun

  1. tgulling says:

    Does that mean that I am allowed to spin that fiber teacher? Of course that means that I would need another spindle.

    • weaselmomma says:

      Yes, pupil, you are allowed to spin punta. Hell, you can honestly spin whatever you want at this point.

      Except cotton. Or flax. Stay away from those two.

  2. kazkitty says:

    It’s gorgeous! I was hoping you would like it better once it was finished. 😀

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