The Catch-all Catch-up Post

So much to do, so little time to blog!

So here you go, one giant catch-all catch-up post. Aren’t you excited? I know I am…


Last weekend, for the Fourth of July, the girls and I went to the big farmer’s market. It was pretty awesome! Delicious breakfast, fresh native blueberries, huge bunches of basil, a delicious smoothie to keep me from passing out in the heat, handmade soaps and other goodies. We grabbed lunch afterwards at the famous Shady Glen, then went back to my place to relax for a while before fireworks.

I also used up some of that wonderful basil and a whole mess of limoncello lemons I had hanging around to make this for us to bring to the fireworks.

Jenni was very excited about basil lemonade and farmer’s market bread at the fireworks

I *highly* recommend this recipe. Especially if you like gin. Which I do. A lot. The recipe says lightly spiked. It’s not. I assure you, it’s very spiked. And very tasty.

The park was packed for fireworks! So, we threw down a couple of blankets and, being who we are and seeing how it’s Tour de Fleece and all, we busted out the spindles and got to work.

Kris works on her silk…
…while I make some progress on the BFL/tussah.

The sun went down nice and easy—as did the lemonade—and the fireworks show was great.

Pretty sunset in advance of pretty fireworks

All-in-all, a great holiday.


I had so many limoncello lemons around because I officially started Batch No. 2 over the long weekend.


Sixteen more organic lemons got zested and combined with two more 750 mL bottles of 100-proof Smirnoff vodka. Batch No. 1 got strained and mixed with simple syrup as well, so only a few more weeks until I have actual, finished limoncello to put in my pretty hand-etched bottles!


As mentioned, Tour de Fleece is well underway! So far, I’ve spun every day since it started and met all my little daily personal goals. I started the second half of the superwash merino/bamboo top on Evelyn…

Fine, shiny singles

…but mostly I’ve been working on the “Surf Song” BFL/tussah from Corgi Hill Farm that was on my Spanish Peacock spindle. I got all the singles finished and wound off over a couple of days…

Loved spinning this blend. It practically drafts itself!

…and decided to ply them up on Evelyn, a feat made much easier since that groovy woodturner guy I know totally rocks and hooked me up with a mess of new bobbins.

Stupid happy with how this plied up. Stupid happy.

I had some tension/take-up/bobbin-packing/tangled-mess issues while working on this, and had to split it over three bobbins to finish it. Oh, well. It was my first time plying on the wheel, so there’s still a learning curve at play here. I’ll just splice them all together while I skein them up.

And wow, it was sooo much faster than two-plying on a spindle! Can’t wait to check my yardage.


One of my finds at the aforementioned farmer’s market was these squash blossoms.

Female zuchinni blossoms, all cleaned and de-pistoled, ready for cooking

I couldn’t resist them! They looked so fresh and wonderful, and I’ve always wanted to try them.

I mixed up a stuffing of cream cheese, a splash of lemon juice, some sea salt and pepper, fresh sliced garlic and some more of that gorgeous basil…

Such a wonderful bunch of basil! It makes me a little teary just looking at it.

…to create this super tasty concoction.

Soooo delicious…

I had to stop myself from eating it right out of the bowl! I stuffed the squash blossoms with this goodness. Mind you, I had very diligent helpful helpers…

We’ll help you, Momma. We’re very helpful.

…one a little more eager than the other.

What? I’m helping you! I’m super helpful.

When the blossoms were all stuffed and ready, I got some olive oil heating in a pan and mixed a Farmer’s Cow egg and some soymilk together for a light wash.

Ready to go

I rolled them in the egg wash, then some all-purpose flour and then dropped them in the pan for a light fry.

Not a great pic, but trust me: These were great.

They came out awesome! So simple and so delicious! Next time, I’ll cut off the little zuchinni ends and use them for something else. They were good, but totally overpowered by the awesome that was those blossoms.

I even ate the leftovers cold the next day. Still amazing!


Guess who’s still pregnant?

These kids are driving me crazy already…

Tilly’s belly just keeps on growing, and last night—for the first time—I saw the kids kicking around in there. It was so cool to see. And they must have been really excited about that salmon and tuna Wellness pouch for dinner, because they were having a big ‘ole party up in there. Poor Tilly was so uncomfortable and mopey, I felt so bad for her.

Just leave me alone, um-kay?

Thankfully, she’s back to her happy little self today, and the mopies appear to be gone for now.

All this does mean, however, that the baby pool is still open! Thanks to everyone who’s played so far. And if you haven’t gotten your entry in yet, you still have time. Remember, comments close when the kittens are born.


6 thoughts on “The Catch-all Catch-up Post

  1. Emilee says:

    Holy wow, that is one preggo kitty.

  2. Poor little kitty girl. That can NOT be comfortable. Pet her for me, would you? 🙂

  3. kazkitty says:

    Pooor Tilly.. hopefully those babehs pop out soon! (like tomorrow?)

    And those squash blossoms look really tasty!

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