The Destructor of Pie

Pie-making yesterday went wonderfully. I got some beautiful strawberries from the little produce market across the street to go with my beautiful rhubarb, and crust-making went really well.

Such a lovely pie!

The pie came out gorgeous and smelled wonderful. I couldn’t wait for it to cool a bit so that I could dig in and try it!

Still warm, with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream. Perfect.

It tasted divine! Smitten Kitchen’s all-butter really flaky pie crust really makes it. Wow, that crust is wonderful, and so easy to make. I was really pleased with the whole deal.

So, I ate my slice, wrapped the remaining pie up in plastic and called it a night.

This morning, I woke up to this.

The hell?!?!?!

O.M.G. Someone destroyed my pie!

It couldn’t be Madori, she’s much too short, so that only leaves one culprit.

What makes you think it was me?

Whoever would have thought a cat would go for a damn fruit pie?!?! I’m chalking this up to uber-pregnant kitty hormones, and have learned my lesson: No more pies left where a certain someone can get into them. Ever.

It’s also worth noting that a certain someone also really enjoyed the pie’s crust.

Oh…sad pie…so sad…

So, that crust recipe gets an official paws up from La Casa de Weasel.

Is is wrong that—despite the teeth marks and cat slobber—I still want to eat the pie? It was so good…I can’t bring myself to throw it away yet.

That would be really gross, though, wouldn’t it?


7 thoughts on “The Destructor of Pie

  1. that’s too funny! clearly, you made a great crust.

    and yeah, eating it would be nasty.

  2. Emilee says:

    Well, yeah, eating the gnawed-on part would be nasty. Eating AROUND the gnawed-on part? I don’t judge. In the immortal words of Julia Child, “you’re alone in your kitchen – who’s to know?”

  3. Allison says:

    Eat around the kitty slober – Dr. Al says it’s ok.

    I want pie and kitties.

  4. divinebird says:

    Cut off the part she touched and eat the rest. You live in the same house as her, and you touch her constantly, and her hair is everywhere. What’s a little extra kitty spit?

    I love all the kitty posts. She certainly didn’t come quietly into your life, did she?

  5. kazkitty says:

    heehee silly Tilly.
    I loved your description when you were showing me the damage…

    She ate here.. “nibble nibble nibble”.. and heeere.. “nibble nibble”… and here! “nibble nibble nibble nibble”

    I wouldn’t chalk it up to just the pregnancy though.. my cats eat things I wouldn’t think a cat would eat.. like raspberry sorbet! And salsa! They could just be weirdos though, who knows. 😉

    (and I would cut off what she nibbled on and eat it)

  6. […] I guess this is what I get for laughing at Jacie in the Tilly vs. pie incident. […]

  7. Anna says:

    I read that pregnant mom’s eat more – guess that’s what she’s trying to do? Sad to say at this house we would eat that with no qualms. I know, I know…..

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