My Growing Design-blog Obsession

Note: This pic is totally random and has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But, really, who doesn’t like a pretty flower now and then??

I minored in photography in college, which means I spent a good deal of time during my college career in the art school, surrounded by some extremely talented artists. Photographers, painters, printmakers, graphic designers, sculptors—my university boasted one of the oldest art schools in the country, and it attracted students with a passion that I could never match.

I never considered myself an artist. I’m mostly a portrait photographer and loved to spend my time in the studio playing with lighting and angles, which doesn’t do too much to endear your work to the hardcore, serious artists. However, just being in that environment—submersed in the vibrant artist culture—gave me an appreciation for the talents of others.

Which is why I think design blogs appeal to me as much as they do. They’re full of ecclectic collections, new ideas, different perspectives and beautiful things. So, for my 98th post (getting close to that milestone now!!), I figured I take a design rule of thumb and KISS—keep it simple, stupid—this post by featuring my three favorite design blogs.

  • mint: Ellie Snow’s blog is really what got me started. From letterpress to architecture to recipies to fashion, mint covers everything. I can spend hours investigating all her links, all the featured artists and all the food blogs she finds. mint is fabulous. Bookmark it. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Just Somthing I Made: OK, a little less design, a little more DIY, but still: Cathe Holden is amazing. I wish my brain worked like hers. She brings DIY to a whole new level and does so with impeccable style. Her faux engraved jewelry project blows my mind. And her tutorial for those little wire bird’s nest jewelry and embellishments that are so popular on Etsy? Superb.
  • Grayhood: Professional designer and artist Dan Gneiding designs for Urban Outfitters and does other commercial work. Uber talented. Check him out.

Finally, this isn’t exactly design,  but I figured I’d share anyways:

  • The Brightside Project: I visit the Brightside Project everyday. Not only do they feature creative people with interesting perspectives, they do giveaways! Everyday, there’s a new chance to answer a thought-provoking question about yourself for a chance to win some really cool stuff. Plus, they provide links to all their featured artists, bloggers and designers, and give you links to shops for the designers who donate the giveaways. And they do it all just to make your day a little nicer, no strings, just pure goodwill. Reading their posts and answering their questions gives me a smile each morning. Go get some sunshine!

So, check out some design blogs. Or, if you already do, tell me what your favorites are! I’m always looking for new inspiration!

And, in closing, because we started with one random photo and might as well end with another, here’s a gratutious Madori shot:

Flat out, enjoying a cool morning breeze through the bedroom window

Such a tough life for such a little fluffball.