“You’re like the Rainman of knitting”

Survival 101: Always have knitting with you.

Ok, so that probably isn’t really a good survival tip. But when you’re stuck in a crowded, loud, concrete floor convention hall for a day and a half, it’s golden advice. I don’t like to bring work or politics here—my crafty life is my oasis from the rest of my life—but I had to share my latest project, which helped save my sanity this past weekend.

Just keep knitting…just keep knitting…just keep knitting…

It’s another scrappy scarf. I needed something ridiculously mindless that took absolutely no focus whatsoever. This totally fit the bill. Miles of linen stitch worked over 600 stitches on my US 6 circ using nothing but sock leftovers. Perfect.

I also took the opportunity—being held captive for hours on end—to teach my friend, Liza, how to knit. A pair of Boye US 10 straights and a leftover ball of Malabrigo Twist, and she was knitting in no time, despite much cursing and needle dropping on her end. At one point, in the 2X2 ribbing tutorial stage, she had so many yarn overs and extra stitches, that—much to her horror—I ripped the needles out, frogged all the ribbing, put the stitches back on the needles and handed the whole deal back to her prompting the comment, “Dude. You’re like the Rainman of knitting.”


I did find time for other fibery happenings, despite all the busy this weekend. I finished spinning and plying this absolute crap silk that Allison bestowed upon me…

I actually met some silk I didn’t like

…effectively clearing off yet another spindle, my Spanish Peacock.

Now, most of the time when I use the term “crap” to describe fiber, it’s overwhelmingly scarcastic. My “crap” taste in fiber. That “crap” called Malabrigo. I need to stop buying that cashmere “crap.”

In this instance, there is no scarcasm. This silk was crap.

Neps and slubs for days…

It’s just tussah, but I originally thought it might be blended with mohair. The top was matted and fuzzed like nothing I’ve ever seen and it just felt…icky. Silk doesn’t usually feel icky.

Right away, the problem with this top became very clear. It was a mess of short fibers, mixed with long fibers, mixed with slubs. It was just crap. But I spun it anyways…just to see what it would do.

Prettier than I expected…but still crap!

The result is 138 yards of Navajo plied about-sock weight, thick and thin and bumpy—though I haven’t washed it yet, so it might get a little bit better. I’m not expecting miracles, but the skein is balanced, so it could be worse. And it’ll probably make a pretty little something, maybe a cowl. But ick…that was some crap silk, no question.

Madori survived the weekend of craziness relatively unscathed, mostly thanks to a trip to the park with the awesome Kris while I was otherwise indisposed. She’s still obsessed with fresh, clean, just-from-the-wash sheets, BTW…

They’s my sheets, Momma! You no make the beds, cuz they’s my sheets!!

…and with Hedgie, her stuffed hedgehog that *must* sleep with us every night.