My Awesomely Talented Friends

I have awesomely talented friends.

Some of these awesomely talented friends have awesomely established shops that have been providing the world with pretty pretty things for a while now, like my friend Kris, The Painted Sheep.

Her work is beautiful, her color sense is wonderful and her fibers…

Hi, there! *wink, wink* Remember me?

…well, they’re just plain sexy. Go get some. You know you want it.

Next, is my friend Mark, who got a little mention in my last post, but didn’t get all the attention he deserved. Mark is the one-man-show behind Two Tails Woodturning (Etsy shop is still coming…I promise!) and is one of my favorite co-workers. One day, we were talking about spindling, something that usually makes non-spinners’ eyes glaze over. But, not Mark’s. We had an in-depth conversation about the dynamics of spindle spinning, which was followed up with a text that night that went something like, “Hey, can you bring one of your spindles in tomorrow? I think I can make one.”

And thus, it began.

If the prototype is like the pretty girl next door, his latest works are supermodels.

My birthday gift: purpleheart on macassar ebony, three-inch whorl

But, they’re the most affordable supermodels ever. When I say “affordable,” by gum, I mean it. His prices are more than reasonable.

On top of that, his technique is improving with every spindle, and he’s developed a signature style.

His first sale, cocobolo on zebrawood. You can see how his turning style has evolved since then.

They’re also getting lighter and thinner, and production is getting faster. It’s really cool to watch his work evolve, and it’s fun to be his go-to test spinner.

A custom order: 2-inch zebrawood on macassar ebony, laceweight. Took some hook tweaking, but now she spins like a dervish! And notice how small and thin the whorls are getting!

Mark’s working on a bunch of custom pieces now…and designing a new bottom whorl, too…and then he’s planning to build stock for his Etsy endeavor. So, stay tuned for more from Two Tails!

Finally, there’s Tracy. While Tracy knits, and has recently taken up spinning as well, she also makes jewelry. Really, really pretty jewelry. 

One of my all-time favorite Tracy pieces…I may steal this one from her personal collection when she’s not looking…shhhh, don’t tell!

This weekend, we had a little photo shoot (it was totally fun to dust off my old photography skizzilz) and Tracy officially launched Post Call Jewels.

Can’t have this exact one either! But isn’t it pretty?

Her style is impeccable, color choices are wonderful, her craftsman ship is fantastic, her prices are super reasonable and she loves custom orders. Plus, she’s a doctor (and, hey fellas, she’s single!). Um, hello total package!

I love her Trinity Pearls, a signature custom design available in tons of colors and three (or all the same) diameters. Don’t like the ribbon? Get a toggle clasp instead!

Tracy’s looking for her first Etsy sale, so get over there and show a girl some love! And in case you need more encouragement…

More Trinity Pearls. Can’t you just imagine them in every color?! So stylish…

….here’s a bit more…

I’m for sale! And I’m beautiful! Don’t you want to bring me home?

Post Call eye candy for ya…

Taking the classic pearls to a new level! Visit the shop and check me out!

…because you can never have too much pretty pretty eye candy! 

Sorry, I belong to Allison. But Tracy can probably make my twin as a custom order!

And check out her blog, too, while you’re at it! 

5 thoughts on “My Awesomely Talented Friends

  1. awww, thanks! you rock!

    and those pearls – mine, soon enough. and a spindle – I feel a shopping spree coming on…

    • tgulling says:

      Pears….did you say pearls? I just found a whole new case at one of my favorite bead stores and I found lots of beautiful real pearls in great colors….You know that you want me to make you something special…..

  2. Allison says:

    You make me laugh – and we do have pretty talented friends.

    I love my pearls — too bad I left them all at Tracy’s house after the photo session.

  3. tgulling says:

    Jacie, you’re too sweet. You know, we should appeal to all those married gents out there….I am sure that wifey would love a nice piece designed by hubby…

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