Go, Green Racer, Go!

My latest finished spinning project involved these Corgi Hill Farm Shimmer Batts…

“Green Racer” batts: 3.7 ounces of merino wool, silk and sparkly nylon firestar

…and this prototype top-whorl spindle thay my good friend Mark made.

My burl-on-zebrawood prototype

Put ‘um together…

Go, Green Racer, go!

…and I got this 500-yard skein of light-fingering 2-ply.

Now, I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with this yarn. None. Zip. No clue. However, the spindlemaker—who is a Renaissance man if there ever was one—at one point was a motocross racer. So, it was imperative that the first yarn I spin on one of his spindles be these “Green Racer” batts. The name was just too fitting.

Don’t get distracted by the sparkly…

The finished yarn is light, soft and nicely balanced. Even for a prototype, the spindle turned like a dream: Fast, steady and true.

So lovely

I’ve since sent the prototype back to the spindlemaker for a new hook—the only negative thing about this one was the hook, something easily fixed—and have picked up a new beauty as a birthday present. More on my new pretty later, but if you’d like to learn more about the newly launched endeavor known as Two Tails Woodturning (Etsy shop to come…promise!), check out Allison’s post about her new bloodwood-on-macassar ebony beauty.