Who says customer service is dead?

There’s a lot of product placement on this blog—I like to give credit where credit is due—but I don’t give too many shout-outs, posts dedicated to a single artisan or supplier. Today, though, I have to give a big, huge, honking shout out to Dyak Craft, formerly known as Grafton Fibers.

Last October, I bought a set of then-Grafton Darn Pretty double-point needles, size US 1, in the “Hazlenut Slant” colorway from a little yarn shop in Vermont while on a wedding weekend with my now-ex’s family.

I love them. I usually don’t like wood needles—I’m a metal girl—but I really love these. They’re smooth and sharp and really a joy to knit with.

So imagine my horror when, while working on a new and particularly angsty project, one of my beloved needles snapped in half right in the middle of a round.

Oh, the humanity!!

It was traumatic.

I’m not particularly hard on my needles. My Susan Bates US 1 metal dpns have a bow to them, but they’ve been in use for half a decade and have knit more than a dozen pairs of socks. Some bowing is to be expected.

In my entire knitting career, I’ve only ever broken one needle. It was a plastic, US 10 Lion Brand straight needle that Madori, as a little puppy, had decided to chomp on. The needle split in half right on a tooth-mark. I consider that extenuating circumstances…and, at five and a half, Madori no longer chews on things she’s not supposed to.

My Darn Pretties were only on their third-ever project…not too much wear and tear, and definitely no doggie teeth marks.

So, while lamenting the loss of my beloved needle—and with Allison talking me off the ledge—I sent Dyak Craft an e-mail, looking into either their replacement policy or whether I could purchase a single replacement needle.

Within the hour, I had heard back from Tom at Dyak Craft, who was ridiculously nice in his response and offered to replace the needle for free. Well, I was overjoyed! I would get to put my favorite needles back into action.

But I was completely overwhelmed when, just a couple days later, this landed in my mailbox:

Now *that’s* what I call customer service!

A handwritten note and not one, but THREE new needles, all in matching Hazlenut Slant. All for no charge. Completely blew me away!

So, if you were thinking about investing in some Dyak products, here’s my testimonial: Not only are the products wonderful, but the service is just fantastic. I can totally see more Dyak needles in my future.

My set of seven Darn Pretty dpns

And really, they are some very, very pretty needles…


2 thoughts on “Who says customer service is dead?

  1. Allison says:

    I am glad you didn’t swear them off.. I was going to be really sad if you lost your love for the Darn Pretty DPNS.

    …wanders off to look at the website… WHAT I DON’T OWN ANY!!!!

  2. […] needles to pick up lining stitches. I broke two of them over the course of that lesson. Thankfully, the extremely awesome and wonderful needlemaker hooked me up, so I still have a full set, plus one extra, but I’m being a bit more careful with those […]

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