Birthdays and Burgers and Sheepies, Oh My!

This past weekend marked three major events: My birthday (which was Thursday), Allison’s birthday (which was Sunday) and the Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival (which was Saturday).

My pretty birthday tulips, a gift from Manny who has the greenest green thumb ever!

Holy crazy busy four days, Batman!

The main event, though, was Saturday. Jenni met me at my place in the morning, then we picked up Tracy and headed off to Sheep & Wool. I’d never been before, and it was a really nice little festival.

We saw bobbin lace being made…

This stuff is really amazing.

…and sheepies, of course…

Jenni, Tracy and some nekkid sheepies

 …and a fluffy llama…

Dude, it’s a llama…

…and a couple alpacas.

Awww….pretty pacas…

And, of course, there was shopping!

Tracy discovers the awesome that is handpainted merino/tencel…you’ll also notice the batt and the twist of top in her other bag 🙂

So many pretty fibers and yarn!

Jenni debates a cashmere purchase…and 10 seconds later sees the red skein…and takes it home with her!

And look who bought her first spindle!

An Emily spindle for Tracy, from Janet at The Wheel Thing

After shopping for a few hours, meeting up with friends and grabbing lunch (Note to self: You really just don’t like lamb. Stop eating it. You’re not going to like it. Ever.) we went and watched some sheepdog trials…

These puppies are intense

…checked out the pretty border collies…

Such a nice puppy!

…and gave Tracy her first spinning lesson…

Tracy makes her first yarn

…while Jenni gave her brand-new Kundert a trial run.

Jenni gives her new spindle a whirl

It was a great day, such a nice little festival! And I did manage to find a few new things for the stash, like this amazing merino batt from Spin-a-Bit

This is, litterally, the biggest batt I’ve ever encountered…

…and this electric green and purple Tencel top from A Touch of Twist

Should make for a very interesting spin…

…and this skein of Dye Dreams merino/cashmere/nylon Classy Sox yarn…

In the “Red Red Wine” colorway

…and two hanks of pretty, pretty merino/tencel from the Sheepshed at Mountain View Farm in the “Berry” colorway.

Got some of this at Rhinebeck in 2008. LOVED it. Very happy to have more.

I also decided that I’m going to try to work from stash from now until Rhinebeck in October because, damn, my stash has gotten HUGE lately.

Saturday night, a whole crew of us went out to Max Burger for delicious food and a Birthday Extravaganza. A fantastic time—full of Fatty Melts, grown-up milkshakes and other tasty burgers—was had by all!

Yay for our birthdays!

And, my awesome friends gave me awesome gifts, including pretty handmade jewelry from Tracy I’ve been coveting (and happen to be wearing today, funny enough), chocolate wine from Jenni, chocolate from Kristin & Jeff, a copy of 60 Quick Knits and this amazing Corgi Hill fiber from Allison…

50/50 Baby Camel/Tussah…so amazingly soft…

…and this gorgeous alpaca/merino/silk from Kris that I might have been coveting as well!

“Merlot” colorway from The Painted Sheep…so beautiful…

Sunday was brunch at The Adam’s Mill with the fam….their Sunday brunch is fabulous, BTW, highly recommend it. Even my grandparents made it up from Rhode Island, and we had a really nice morning full of mimosas and coffee and bacon and eggs benedict and mini-cheesecakes.

Overall, the best part of the whole weekend was all the people who came out to celebrate with us. It really meant so much, and thank you to everyone for making this year such a wonderful birthday!


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