FO: Belmondo

Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments about my Spazz. Leroy and Miranda seem to be doing ok. They’re a pretty¬†closely bonded pair—best buddies—so they’re¬†keeping each other good company as they adjust to just being a pair.

Now for less depressing, much more happy, regularly scheduled yarny stuff, I give you my finished Belmondo:


The yarn is, of course, Malabrigo Worsted, in the fabulous shade of “Rojo Vivo,” and I used an entire full hank, plus the quarter-skein that was left over from my Grove mittens. I could wax on about all the virtues of Mal Worsted—and this shade of red, for that matter—but I think we’ve covered that ground pretty well already.

So squishy and snuggly!

Simple, but effective—that’s how I’d describe this pattern. It’s about as easy as lace can get, just a yo-k2tog four-row repeat. But the effect looks complicated and textured. It’s like a sassy fishnet for your neck and shoulders, and I think the fringe gives it a spicy little flare. It’s really a great look for minimal effort and minimal yardage. The pattern is very clear and easy-peasy to follow; it would look great in a transitional colorway. I knit mine on US 10’s, but you could totally go for bigger needles and a lacier look, too. If you’re looking for a mostly mindless stashbuster or a quick gift, I’d highly recommend it.

This past Saturday, Lillian, Allison, Emilee, Kris, Tracy, Jenni and I took a trip up to WEBS for some stashbuilding and general shenangians in Northampton. Allison has a great little write up over here; I’ll only add that the moment where I was picking up balls and skeins as they fell out of Tracy’s basket and finally said, “I think you might need a cart,” was—in fact—awesome. I did more than a little stashbuilding myself; however, only two skeins don’t have a purpose at this very moment. Which, to me, is a minor victory: 95 percent of what I purchased already is destined to be knit into something fabulous.

And really, when you see bags of Cascade 220—10 skeins total—for all of $50…

This is actually more golden and less yellow than this photo would suggest.

…can you really say no?

This is going to make a simply fabulous Girasole for my living room, BTW.