One down…

…one to go!

Digging the vintage feel

The white ribbon probably isn’t permenant—especially since that’s the only piece I have; not nearly enough for two stockings—but I wanted to see how it would fit. Turns out the ribbon is essential; no way this would stay up without it.

So damn pretty

Of course, I didn’t swatch for these.┬áSo couple what’s probably a row-gauge issue with the fact that I’m tall—and have ridiculously, I mean *ridiculously,* long limbs—and that means I’ve had to do many, many more pattern repeats than what’s called for. I also did some extra calf shaping because, even though I don’t have big calves at all (I can’t even usually buy a pair of knee-high boots off the shelf—they tend to be baggy at the tops), I don’t think these would have fit without more shaping.

More deets to come once I knock out the second of the pair!