Sticking a Fork in Mal March

I realized today that my four-legged life partner has been notably absent from the blog lately.

Well, we simply cannot have that.

I am so very pretty

It’s Madori’s molting season, which means that I am completely inundated with stray fluff. Every year, I’m shocked that something so small can lose so much hair and not have a bald spot somewhere.

Today was just beautiful, so Miss Thing got a brush-out—which she does not enjoy—then a bath in the sink—which she really does not enjoy—then a comb out—which she actually kind of likes—then another brush out. She was exhausted by the time we finished…

The softest wee fluffball in the whole wide world

…but she looks so good! So fresh and fluffy! And I took a mountain of fuzz off her, so I’m hoping it’ll help cut down on the stray fluff everywhere.

Malabrigo March is officially over, and I finished up my Frost Tapestry set on Tuesday night—a whole 24 hours before time ran out! Go me!  

Done, done, done!

I’m pretty happy with how the set finished up. My colorwork isn’t perfect by any means. I’ve never dealt with floats as long as in this project—there are 19-stitch floats all up in there—and I do have some noticable tension issues. The mittens are also a tad too snug for my big hands, so the set will probably be gifted to some small-handed person at some point. If I were to knit them again for me, I’d probably go up a needle size.

Snuggly stranded mitts

I’m a fan of graphic prints and designs, so the very graphic nature of the design and the play in color is really appealing to me. Malabrigo Worsted is perfectly suited to this pattern. And, as an added bonus, with the one skein of “Emerald” and two skeins of “Natural” I have more than enough yarn leftover to knit the matching hat for this set as well. So that’s on my to-do list in the not-so-distant future.

All buttoned up

This neckwarmer is really the crowning achievement of Malabrigo March for me. The knitting itself wasn’t really all that difficult—except for the 19-stitch floats, of course—but the finishing work was pretty extensive. And, with the help of the interesting silver buttons Allison found, it’s really very striking.

Have to show off the floats, the finishing and the extra button on the inside

So there it is! While it has it’s imperfections, this was a great project and a really great way to overcome the fear of steeking—small, not too much yarn, simple but effective colorwork and a small commitment to make when coping with the fear that the whole thing might unravel.


Even with March over, I still have Malabrigo on my mind…and in my stash. So, I cast on Belmondo with the left over skein-and-a-quarter of Worsted “Rojo Vivo.”

Like a squishy orangey-red net

The most difficult part of this pattern is remembering if I’m on the row that starts with a k2tog or a k1. Yeah…pretty mindless. But, it’s very pretty and looks way more complicated than it is. I’m using a US 10, so it’s working up quickly, and I’m planning fringe for this. Despite my sketchy track record for estimating yardage, I do believe I’ll have enough yarn.



One thought on “Sticking a Fork in Mal March

  1. Allison says:

    Love the finished mitts and the puppy..

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