Stitches and String: An FO Post

I’m cruising toward the Malabrigo March finish line this week.  And while some of my plans haven’t quite worked out—my failed attempt at Colonnade  and my failure to even look at the Echo Flower  pattern this month, let alone cast it on, come to mind—I do have a couple Malabrigo FO’s under my belt.

I’ve already shown off my Burberry-inspired Cowl. I did all the finishing work on the Frost Tapestry neckwarmer and it’s now blocking; just needs to dry and get the buttons sewn on. And I’m already through the first few rows of the chart on the second Frost Tapestry mitten.

And my Grove mittens (Rav link) are done done done!

Happy red twisted stitches!

These are wonderful mittens. They’re scary at first, though. The chart is small and more than a little daunting. There’s a lot of through-the-back-loop and stitch-marker-relocating action that took a while to get the hang of. And I didn’t even think about trying to do the twisted 2-stitch cables encircling the cuff without a cable needle. Too much craziness there for my head to keep it all straight.


With all that, though, these were quick. Really quick. It might have taken me longer to get some good daylight in my schedule to photograph them to my liking than it did to actually knit them.

The only problem with these overall is the length. As mentioned in a previous post, they’re a bit too short for my long-fingered hands, though they are very stretchy. I could in theory wear them, but they’re more snug than I usually like, so they’ll be a gift for some lucky soul instead. If I make these again, I’d add an extra pattern repeat before the decreases.

A simply fantastic shade of red

I could wax on about the Malabrigo Worsted I used to make these, but I think I’ve already outed myself as a Mal addict and professed my undying love for all things Malabrigo. Instead, I’ll just comment on the color. “Rojo Vivo” is hands down now a favorite solid colorway. If you’re looking for vibrant, this is it!

I did take a little break last week from Malabrigo March to do some spinning. Remember the sparkly Loop Batt that Allison got me for Xmas? It’s  now a 154-yard skein of Navajo-plied worsted-weight.

Ohhhh! Sparkly!

I spun it on my brand new, beautiful Spanish Peacock top-whorl spindle—that I haven’t taken a pic of yet. Bad blogger. It’s a bloodwood whorl with a flower cut-out on a lignum vitea shaft and it’s amazing. This was its maiden spin, and it performed more than admirably.

A very squishy skein

This batt contained every fiber known to man—alpaca, merino, corriedale, mohair, soy silk, tencel, tussah silk, bamboo, silk noil, angelina, firestar and bamboo nepps. Ok, so that’s not *every* fiber known to man, but’s it’s sure quite a few of them! The finished yarn is highly textured and variable and exactly what I was hoping it would be.

Might become a cowl…or mittens…or colorwork…we shall see…

So, the next few days will be dedicated to finishing the Frost Tapestry mittens and capping off my less-than-planned-but-still-pretty-damn-productive Malabrigo March. And I’m pretty confident I can to it…and maybe even still have my sanity intact at the end of it!


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