EEK! Steek!

The time had come. If I were to have any chance to finish the Frost Tapestry set by the end of Malabrigo March—which wraps up on Wednesday—I would have to commence with the steeking.

Deep breath.

Smiling to hide my nerves

I used Eunny Jang’s tutorial for a crocheted steek, which provides nice, clear, illustrated directions. Have I mentioned I don’t crochet? I mean, I did when I was, like, five years old. But now, my hands just feel clumsy with a hook. So, there was more than a little learning curve here.

I decided to attmpt the steek at my SnB for the moral support, and they were fantastic. I used a US F hook and some gray Paton’s Classic Merino from the stash for the crochet. In hindsight, I probably should have used a less-bulky yarn for the steek, but oh well. This was my first times and was a total learning experience.

Steeks in place, ready for the cut

So, my clumsy hands crocheted the steek. They’re lumpy, bumpy and uneven, but they get the job done.

Another deep breath. Time for the scissors.

It’s now or never…

I used my small set of sewing scissors, and they were a good choice: little tips on sharp blades, perfect for delicate snip, snip, snipping.

Then I went at it…

The first snip

…and proceeded to cut…

Shaky hands…very shaky hands…

…my beautiful Malabrigo fair isle knitting…

Almost done!

…right down the middle.

What a rush!


And there it is! Everything held together perfectly! Steeking accomplished!

Now all that’s left is to knit on the button bands, block it and sew on the pretty silver buttons Allison found during our shenanigans at JoAnn’s yesterday.

I also finished the main knitting on the first matching mitten…

Gotta love the colorwork!

…and just have to put in the thumb.

Can I finish the whole set by Wednesday?

Yay for successful steeking!

Maybe, now that the scariest part is over!


One thought on “EEK! Steek!

  1. Allison says:

    I love Saturday shenanigans.

    You can FINISH it… I know it!!!

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