Malabrigo March: Plugging Along

Busy, busy, busy.

That’s been my life for the last two weeks. And it’s been why this blog has been silent. Between a lingering plague that laid me up for a few days and crazy-time at work and parties with friends and helping Kris paint and move into her new apartment, my life has just been crazy!

With all that, Malabrigo March has been cruising by, and I’ve just been plugging along. My first FO was my Burberry-Inspired Cowl (Rav link).

And it even matches my awesome new-ish coat!

I actually cranked this out over two days while recovering on the couch from the plague that’s been making it’s way around my office. And it’s fantastic! The pattern is beautiful and works so well with the very busy “Plena” colorway. And I love the idea of not setting cables apart by purl rows. It adds a whole new dimension to cabled fabric that is really very pretty. 

Still totally in love with this colorway

I did stripe the two balls of Twist, but I got some pooling anyways. I don’t really mind it though; I think it works with the pattern. And I have nothing but awesome things to say about Malabrigo Twist. It’s fabulous, simply fabulous, and I have dreams of a sweater made out of it sometime in the foreseeable future…maybe in time for Rhinebeck this October…we’ll see…

I also cast on for Colonnade (Rav link) as planned, and then frogged it. Really didn’t like how it was working out, and life’s too short to knit something you’re not happy with.

So, then I switched gears and started my Grove mittens (Rav link).

Snuggly, swirly stitches

The first one went surprisingly quickly, which was a little unexpected from my first glance at the chart. The cuff is made up of tiny two-stitch, knit-through-the-back-loop cables, which take a while, but the rest of the mitt is all twisted stitches, which work up pretty easily. The first one is a little short for me, so I’ll probably gift these eventually.

I also picked up two skeins of Worsted in “Natural” and another in “Forest” to make Frost Tapestry (Rav link) from the Twist Collective. So far, I’ve finished most of the neckwarmer.

Such a pretty colorwork pattern

I’m at the steek. My first ever steek. Yeah, not sure I’m ready for that yet.

Where I will eventually, at some point, cut my knitting. Yes, cut. With scissors. Yikes.

Very scary. I might start the matching mittens before I go for the steek action. And, if I have enough yarn, the matching hat as well.

And though it doesn’t count for Malabrigo March, since I cast it on in February, I did whip up a 1X1 rib scarf in my “Cookie” Twist…

Ummm….Twist…so wonderful….

…which has quickly become a wardrobe staple. It’s without a doubt the squishiest scarf in my closet.

So, that’s my Malabrigo March so far. I might whip out a couple more projects, but if things stay as busy as they’ve been recently, I probably won’t have much time.

All this Mal does reinforce, however, my undying love for this yarn. Cables, lace, colorwork, basic stitches—it can literally do everything. It may just be the *perfect yarn.


2 thoughts on “Malabrigo March: Plugging Along

  1. Allison says:

    It is the perfect yarn.

    I will be moral support for the cutting. We may need someone who’s actually steeked.

  2. […] already shown off my Burberry-inspired Cowl. I did all the finishing work on the Frost Tapestry neckwarmer and it’s now blocking; just […]

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