No Socks?! And, Watch Me Delude Myself Into Thinking I Can Finish Lace in Four Days

As of this moment, there are zero, zilch, no socks on my US1 dpns.

It’s a little unnerving.

I’m almost never without socks to work on. But lately, I’ve been consumed by triangular shawls and scarves and preparations for Malabrigo March, and it dawned on me that I have no small-gauge socks cast on. I mean, I’ve still got the thrummed socks going, but those are on US3 and US5 dpns—which means they don’t count–and I haven’t cast on any small gauge socks since I finished up my Monkeys. Which, by the way, are awesome.

Some groovy new socks

Despite the fact that I just could not seem to memorize this chart, these flew off the needles. It’s not that the pattern was difficult—because it really wasn’t at all—it just would not stick in my brain for some reason. It was really kind of weird.

Anywho, I did eight repeats on the legs, instead of the six the pattern calls for, and six on the foot…and I still have a crap-ton of this yarn left over. I love red—it’s my favorite color—but it’s kind of funny that I never really seem to knit with it. I always seem to get drawn toward the purples and blues. As such, this is my first pair of red handknit socks, and the red is really really red.

Which makes them all the more awesome. The yarn is Creatively Dyed Beaches, the “Del Mar” colorway, that I got at Stitches East. You should get some, too, as it’s also awesome.

Happy feet!

I did the original purled version of the pattern, which I like a lot, and I stuck with the stockinette heel flap, though I did consider doing a slipped-stitch heel flap instead. Overall, I couldn’t be any happier with them.

Right now, I’m trying to finish up a simple 1X1 ribbed scarf out of the Malabrigo Twist in “Cookie”—mostly because I just want to wear the thing so badly.

Deliciously cuddly and soft…and I love the striping action!

And I’m trying to bust out this Gail/Nightsongs shawl as quickly as possible so that my US 6 Addi Lace will be free for Malabrigo March…which starts in four days. 

Reminds me of that 90s song: “If you steal my sunshine…”

I’m farther along now than this pic; I’ve almost finished my fourth repeat. The pattern calls for seven repeats, then the edging, and yardage will not be a problem.  So, I can totally knit at least three more repeats–but probably more than that, because who wants a tiny scarf, right?—not screw up  in a way that requires tinking or frogging at all and bind off the whole thing off before Monday, right?

Oh, sweet delusion, how I’ve missed you, my old friend….


One thought on “No Socks?! And, Watch Me Delude Myself Into Thinking I Can Finish Lace in Four Days

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