Getting Ready…

…for my first Malabrigo March! 

Is that really so wrong? I mean, February is cruising right on by…and Malabrigo is, like, completly amazing and beautiful and unlike anything else in the whole wide world. 

And can you really ever have enough of it? Really? 

So, the first dose came from Jimmy Beans Wool (which stocks EVERY colorway of the worsted weight merino, which is in fact mind-blowingly awesome) in three different shades of reddish-brown Merino Worsted. 

Cinnabar, Red Java and Sealing Wax

These are destined to become Colonnade (Rav link) by Stephen West, mimicing his beautiful prototype (Rav link) of the shawl that I want want want! 

It’s been tough to resist the temptation to cast this on. Ever since I gave away my Frost Diamonds, I’ve been craving a big, cozy Malabrigo shawl of my own. I didn’t want to knit the same pattern again, though, but Colonnade totally fits the bill. It’s a similar shape, but I love the stockinette/lace contrast of it…very similar to Ishbel in that regard. I can’t wait to start this! 

Also from Jimmy Beans Wool came this beautiful little skein of Lace. 

A simply gorgeous colorway

The colorway is “Amoroso,” and I love it even more in person than I did in the photographs on Jimmy Bean’s Web site. It’s has these infusions of pink and orange on a red base that are really stunning. This will become a lacy little something, though I’m not quite sure what at the moment. Maybe an Echo Flower (Rav link) shawl? I dunno…suggestions anyone?

Finally…and you’ll notice a color theme happening here…I got two skeins of Worsted to make Jared Flood’s fantastic Grove Mittens (Rav link).

Someone likes the reds, huh?

These are “Rojo Vivo,” another vibrant red-orange solid colorway. I actually had a tough time deciding what color to get for these mittens. I bought the yarn on a trip to WEBS last weekend, and they had a lot of nice semi-solids and solids to choose from. I typically tend to gravitate toward the redder reds and stay away from the orangy tones, but this color grabbed me. “Rojo Vivo” is bright and happy, and I think those swirly little cables are just going to pop.

So, that’s how my March is shaping up…though I might add something else as well. A Geodesic Cardigan (Rav link) would be awesome, but with my work schedule picking up even more next month, I don’t really want to overcommit myself.

And I may have also indulged myself a bit more at WEBS. But the new-ish Malabrigo Twist is just…

Two hanks of Twist in “Plena”


And two more in “Cookie”

…freaking wonderful! I mean, can you really blame me? Really?

The Twist is not officially for Malabrigo March, however. It’s kind of for whenever…which might be right now…or might be March. But will probably be right now. And again, is that really so wrong?


One thought on “Getting Ready…

  1. Allison says:

    My motto in life – you can never have enough things in red or malabrigo yarn. Double win.

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