A Set of Stripey FOs

I’m less than one week into Crazy Time at Work, and already it’s…well…crazy. This past week, I was in a less-than-stellar mood. Never before has the stress of work increased so rapidly at the onset of Crazy Time. Oh well…here’s hoping for less-crazy, at least for a little bit.

One the plus, though: If we keep up this pace we will get to the end of it in May really fast!

What’s this? A transitional colorway, perhaps??

I did manage to whip up the rest of the set to match my Turn-a-Square, and I’m pretty happy with the whole deal.

I did a simple 1X1 rib over 30 stitches on the scarf with some uneven, transitional striping where the handspun merges with the commercial yarn. It’s cute and squishy, but it did confirm that this set is destined for gift-dom. As soft as the School Products yak/merino feels in the hand, it makes my neck really, really unhappy.

Digging the colors at work in this one

Thankfully, my neck is unlike other people’s necks, and someone else will surely enjoy this one at some point. And it is purty. I did some creative fudging at one point, so there’s a line of kinda-twisted funky stitches in the handspun, the somewhat intelligible details of which are here on Rav. Suffice to say, I’ve learned the true value of the provisional cast on, and ripping out a long-tail cast on is never a good idea.

For the other part of the set, I chose the 75-yard Malabrigo mitt pattern (Rav link), made the cuffs and tops longer and added the stripes to match.

Yay for stripey mitts!

I happened to be in a green section of the handspun, so the stripes are very…well…green. But, I think they still match the set well. These were ridiculously quick, too, despite my alterations to the pattern. The pattern is very clear, and they knit up in a day…total instant gratification.

So, the set it done. Yay! And both skeins of yarn are completely used up and gone. Double yay for stashbusting!!

Stripes and stripes and more stripes

Who is it for? Well, who knows!

But someone is really, really lucky…even if I do say so myself…


One thought on “A Set of Stripey FOs

  1. Allison says:

    Someone will be very lucky… It’s lovely.

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