Liberate the Needles, Plus Dr. Al is Totally Going to Haiti!

What’s my new sock-knitting obsession? My US 1 Grafton (now known as Dyak CraftDarn Pretty dpns. They’re wonderful…I don’t even usually like non-metal needles, but I love these. I actually feel a little bad for my old Susan Bates US 1 set, which have been naked for longer than I can even remember…but only a little.

I got the Grafton’s in Vermont this past October, then I picked up some Socks that Rock Lightweight at Stitches East later in the month. Ever since, a certain pair of socks have been on them. Well, I decided it was time to liberate my lovely needles, and these are finally finished!

My Bloody Rainbows

The pattern is Bloody Mary (Rav link) by Sandra Parkes. It’s really just a simple twisted-stitch and slipped-stitch rib pattern, but for a colorway this intense…well, the stitch pattern kind of has to be simple. These shouldn’t really have taken as long as they did, but they turned into my lunchtime-at-work project and lingered for a while.

One sock pooled, and one striped, but I still like them quite a bit. And they’re pretty comfy socks.

Stripes and Pools

I was pretty nervous about yardage when knitting these. For a while, I didn’t think I’d have enough to finish the second sock. It worked out in the end, but there wasn’t a lot leftover of that skein. While the colors are deep and vibrant, I’m not sure I’ll list Socks that Rock as one of my favorite sock yarns quite yet. For the price and the yardage you get, I’m not sure it was totally worth it. That being said, I’m pretty happy with the finished socks.

I’m also pretty happy that my needles were finally ready for a new project. They didn’t stay empty for long though!

Love, love, love how the reds and browns work together!

This Creatively Dyed yarn, also picked up at Stitches East, has been screaming at me from the stash, just waiting to be worked with. It’s quickly becoming a pair of Monkey socks (Rav link)! This is classic Cookie A., and I’m a little ashamed to say that this is my first time knitting this pattern. I know…it’s like sock-knitter sacrilege. But, no worries; I’m going all-out now!

I’m going eight pattern repeats for the legs, instead of six, because 1) I have more than enough yarn and 2) I want them a little taller. Even with the extra repeats, they’re working very quickly. The first sock is already done, and the second is three repeats in. And this is one generous hank of yarn–over 5oo yards–so there’ll be lots of leftovers on this one.

And the Graftons are getting much love. They might just be the *perfect* double pointed needles…and that’s saying a lot!

In other, important news: The effort to Send Dr. Al to Haiti to Save Lives was a resounding success! Not only was the goal met, it was totally exceeded. Dr. Allison will be leaving for Haiti in just a couple short weeks, bringing her medical knowledge and 70 pounds of medical supplies to people very much in need.

Personally, it bring tears to my eyes to think about how many people came out of the woodwork to help–close friends, old friends, mutual friends and complete strangers. The Facebook group has more than 200 members–and it’s only been live for one week. In just one week, so much was accomplished. I’m so proud of Dr. Al and of each and every person who offered their support, monetary or otherwise. It’s been a very moving and inspiring week!


2 thoughts on “Liberate the Needles, Plus Dr. Al is Totally Going to Haiti!

  1. Allison says:

    I love both socks… and now I really want a new set of DPNs. Are they better than my signature needles… because I love them lots.

    Thanks for anyone reading this that helped me get to Haiti. You’re the best!!! Keeping sending us happy thoughts. If you want to help support us and didn’t get a chance – there are still others trying to raise the funds to go, or more can go in the general supply fund.

    Dr. Al

    • weaselmomma says:

      You nnnnneeeedddddsssss them….you wwwwwaaaannnnttttsssss them 🙂

      The Graftons are pretty pointy, but they’re light. I find Signatures really heavy. So they’re different that way.

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