555 Yards of Pain, or Finally Moving On to Much Happier Projects

What’s shiny and drapy and was nothing but hell to work with from start to finish?


Why, it’s the dreaded soy silk, of course! And it’s plied and finished and done done done!

I have never had a finished skein of handspun lose so much dye in the wash. This stuff bled and bled and bled. Thankfully, it’s not feltable, because I was not gentle with it at all. But hey, this has caused some serious frustration over the past year. Had to get it out.

It took close to 15 minutes of rinsing alone (not counting the soaking) to get the water to an “almost clear” state. I suspect it’ll bleed more when it’s finally knit and washed, but my fingers were getting pruny. Just couldn’t take it anymore.

This did, however, sort of confirm what I thought all along: This was so tough to work with because the dye job was really not so hot. While this may not be typical of soy silk, though, I’m not ready to try my had at spinning straight soy top again any time soon.

555 Yards of Pain

I have to admit: The finished yarn is pretty. Despite the knots and the thick-and-thin and the fuzzy sections and the broken plies kinda spliced back together, it’s very pretty. The bamboo silk ply gives this an amazing shine. There’s no memory to these fibers whatsoever, and even in the skein, the drape is fantastic. And despite the drama, the skein is perfectly balanced and with 555 yards of light fingering weight in total, there’s a lot of it.

Pretty, but evil…

It’ll be some time before I actually knit with this, though. It is so full of bad energy, bad karma, we need some time apart to reconcile before I attempt to actually make something out of it.

I’m so glad it’s done, though.

In happier project news, I whipped up a quick skein of handspun: a 100 percent merino single spun from a transitional-colorway batt from Sara’s Texture Crafts. Sara has lovely fibers, and her stuff shipped very quickly from the UK. I was very eager to spin this 1.6 ounce batt.

Love the colorway

I worked to maintain the beauty of the batt. And it came out pretty well. It was a little scary to take it off the niddy noddy, because it turned into a mess of curly yarns.


After a good couple washes….

Soaking in some hot water and Soak…ready for some fulling

….a little bit of felting, and some dry time, though, it finished pretty well. Still a couple twists here and there, but for my first single, it’s pretty well balanced and I’m pretty happy with it.

Lovely laceweight singles

Up next: A beautiful project just flys off the needles…

Oh, lace…how you inspire me…

2 thoughts on “555 Yards of Pain, or Finally Moving On to Much Happier Projects

  1. Emilee says:

    I love how the soy looks plied with the white – I think it toned down the colors just enough. Sorry it’s so evil 😦 The other stuff looks great!

  2. […] 871 yards of this was an exercise in patience the likes of which I haven’t experienced since The Great Soy Silk Disaster of 2010. Thankfully, I was smart enough to do this on the wheel. Even with Evelyn humming away, this still […]

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