Cast On, Cast Off

Things have been busy at La Casa de Weasel lately, and with my annual busy time at work rapidly approaching, I’m cramming in all the household improvements and crafting time that I can right now. Soon, I won’t have the time or energy for too much else besides work. 

Busy time means long hours, which Madori isn’t fond of either.

Oh, hai! I has a coot lil underbite!

She’s thoroughly enjoying the good life now, though, especially with it being so cold outside!

With the impending doom of busy time right around the corner, projects have been flying onto and off of the needles. First came my Citron (Rav link).


This was a test of willpower, and I’m proud to say I perservered. Towards the end of the project, there were nearly 550 stitches on the needle…and I had to work twelve rows like that, then bind off, to put in the final ruffle. Those were some long, long stockinette rows. It was worth the effort, though. In the end, my eyelets weren’t terrible off, only a couple stitches or so, and it’s not really noticable when the scarflette is on.

Rocking the wee daisy as well

And Malabrigo…oh, Malabrigo….I may be suffering from a slight addiction problem at the moment. I can’t really seem to get enough Malabrigo right now. And it’s not that I don’t have some really nice, high-quality fibers stashed away right now, just waiting for my fingertips…it’s just…well…there’s nothing else in this world like Malabrigo!

I’ve worked with Malabrigo Lace before, but once is never enough. Knit at this gauge, the fabric is lightweight, but substantial, drapy and soft and just wonderful to wear. No ichies or pricklies at all. These photos do the colorway no justice, either. “VAA” is a deep, dark green with highlights of blue and brown. It’s really just amazing.

Hi, my name is Weaselmomma, and I’m a Malabrigo addict.

Next off my needles came a quick yet satisfying project: Jared Flood’s Turn-a-Square (Rav link).

Is purty, no?

I know…again with the hats! But this knit up in a matter of hours…total instant gratification. The main color is worsted weight merino yak blend purchased ages ago from School Products, and the stripes are from my Precious, my first Navajo plied handspun. The merino yak has been knit and frogged so many times; it just never worked with another project, and the way the yarn is plied (or actually, not plied…it’s literally six seperate plies with no twist to them that you carry together) had given me trouble in the past. It’s very splitty and easy to split the plies apart. Here, though, it worked out perfectly.

The very clever decreases in the crown shaping are one of my favorite parts about this hat.

I decided even before I cast on that I didn’t want to stripe the whole hat, and I’m glad I made that decision. I really dig the three-stripe motif. And the color transitions in the handspun worked out really nicely. I wasn’t crazy about Precious in the hank; it’s pretty wonky yarn. And I wasn’t really crazy about spinning BFL either, even though I’ve only heard good things about it. But I loved actually knitting with it, and I think the hat looks great.

Can we say matching mitts and maybe even a matching scarf? Maybe! Still have a ton of both these yarns leftover.

Finally, I whipped up another hat in just a couple days using Malabrigo worsted-weight leftovers from my Frost Diamonds shawl and Mulberry Merino leftovers from my Beaumont Tam. Can we say colorwork?


This may be the softest hat on the face of the planet. And it’s made out of scraps! Bonus!

Like a hug for your head

This was knit from Kristin Spurlark’s Nordic Hat Three Ways  (Rav link) pattern and was a great little knit. The pattern is very clear and the chart is very intuitive, making the colorwork easy. I love how the yarns played off each other, and the stranding inside makes it extra thick, extra warm and extra soft….a very happy hat!

It doesn’t end there, though! This just jumped on my needles…

More Malabrigo?? Oh, what could it be??

…and then there’s this…

Superwash merino fingering weight from Whorled Peace, “Sunburst” colorway

…and this amazing gift from Dr. Allison.

Buffalo Gold. Lux # 12. OMG. How do I own this??

Plus there’s even more to come! Some seriously epic awesomeness is on the way, and I’ve been spinning too! I can’t even wait…hopefully, I’ll have enough time!



6 thoughts on “Cast On, Cast Off

  1. divinebird says:

    The Precious hat is fab; the way the bright colors of your handspun work against the neutral brown is unexpected and lively. Also, you are a knitting MACHINE. I am so impressed by the long list of FOs.

  2. kateohkatie says:

    Your Citron is BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want to CO now…I’ve got some Mal lace just begging for it… 🙂

    Also, I got a skein of that Buffalo Gold in that exact colorway, and it’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever used. EVER. EVER. (I made an Ishbel with it)

    • weaselmomma says:

      Thanks! You should go for it on Citron. It honestly wasn’t my favorite project ever, but it was quick and the scarf is just beautiful when finished. And it was *made* for Mal lace 🙂

      And the Buffalo Gold…I’m almost afraid to use it! It’s so amazing! And I may never touch it again! Very special stuff….

  3. Allison says:

    I hate you a little….

    I’ll go retreat to my corner where I can’t start new projects. At least it doesn’t keep me from buying pretty yarn.

    I also love the malabrigo, and I figure we are in good company. 🙂

  4. […] did manage to whip up the rest of the set to match my Turn-a-Square, and I’m pretty happy with the whole […]

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