A Chocolately, Cheese-tastic Baconpalooza

Dr. Allison has a theory: Everything can be made better with cheese, chocolate or bacon. This was, however, only a theory. Until recently.

I myself was indoctrinated into the cult of bacon quite some time ago by my mother, who is a fantastic cook and has been known to put bacon in…well… just about everything. Recently, my friend Mark and I had experimented with some new bacon recipes, especially after the discovery of BaconToday.

I don’t remember exactly how the idea of a bacon potluck came around, but when it was expanded to a bacon, cheese and chocolate potluck…well, that’s when the real genius began to reveal itself.

Kristin and her husband Jeff offered to host the party, and on January 2 they ended up the gracious hosts of twenty people and some serious deliciousness. For my part, I brought three things to the potluck. First were the Ghirardelli dark chocolate and thick-sliced bacon brownies…

Bacon-chocolate squares of awesomeness

…then came the semi-sweet chocolate chip banana bread, which was bacon-free…

My favorite banana bread recipe!

…and finally, the bacon apple pie.


Seven apples and almost a full pound of bacon are all up in there…

Dr. Allison and I could hardly wait to get to Kristin and Jeff’s house and kick off the party…so, of course, we got there first and with bells on!

Hi, Jeff! We’re taking over your house!!

What was the best way to kick off such a grand affair?

Kristin, Karen and Dr. Allison

Brownie martinis! Dr. Allison mixed some right up!

Don’t worry…she’s a doctor!

It’s worth noting: These martinis contained NO mixer…and they were damn tasty.


Guests began rapidly arriving…

Looks like a party to me!

…and the kitchen began filling up with friends…

Who’s getting hungry??

…and some seriously good-looking and good-smelling things came with them.


Soon, the main courses were set out…

Check out that spread!

…and everyone started digging in!


Our menu included:

  • Kristin’s bacon turkey tetrazinni,
  • Kris‘ bacon mac and cheese,
  • Maura’s bean and feta salad,
  • Lillian, Meredith and Sarah’s bacon pineapple pizza,
  • Emilee‘s…well really James’ bacon brussle sprout hash,
  • Aaron‘s bacon and ricotta french toast sandwiches with chocolate sauce, and
  • Mark’s bacon-wrapped filets.
Cheers again!!

And believe it or not, everybody saved room for dessert!

Oh, yeah….

On top of the pie, bread and brownies, everybody enjoyed:

  • Jenny‘s chocolate caramel pretzles,
  • Amy and Dan’s bacon chocolate cupcakes,
  • Karen‘s white-chocolate-covered bacon, and
  • Bacon caramels from Dr. Allison’s mom Linda in Florida.

If happiness can be measured by a demolished pie, well, this one’s a pretty good indicator.

Served with a slice of cheddar…only went home with the tiniest of slices leftover

So, a fantastic time was had by all…though we did have two doctors and a paramedic on hand just in case! And the concensus was that this smashing success of an event would now become our post-New Years’ tradition!

And what of Dr. Allison’s theory? Now a proven fact!!

3 thoughts on “A Chocolately, Cheese-tastic Baconpalooza

  1. Allison says:

    Cheese Chocolate Bacon is delicious and a scientific fact.

    Too bad the next one isn’t for a year, the pictures made me hungry.

  2. Emilee says:

    Yay! It was such a great time.

  3. […] not blog about the first Annual Cheese/Chocolate/Bacon Potluck – but Jacie did…read about it here.  It was EPIC and […]

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