A Brand New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I celebrated a nice, quiet New Years this time around, and it was actually perfect for my state of mind. My resolution this year: To regain the joy in my life. For too long, I’ve been feeling down. No more of that.

It’s amazing how well it’s working so far. But it’s easy when there’s joyful scenes like this right out your front window.

My city looks so pretty!

I love snow!

I’m also working pretty steadily with a very joyful yarn right now.

Malabrigo Lace is *very* joyful!

Citron is slowly but surely growing on my needles. It’s not a difficult pattern, but at this point the rows are long long long.

And for some reason, the increases in this pattern drive my typically very-well-suppressed learning disability into hyperdrive. I’m pretty sure that the little eyelets are supposed to line up. Well, mine don’t. But, I do have the right number of stitches. And who will really be able to tell that the eyelets don’t line up when this beautiful little ruffle is wrapped around my neck anyways?

I’m on the fifth section right now, and I’m up to 455 stitches per row for the next five rows. Yikes. It’s slow going right now. But just 19 more rows total on the body, then 12 rows and the bind-off on the ruffle, and it’s done done done! So, I’m well on my way to the first FO of 2010!

I’ve also been working on finishing a long-standing spinning project.

Hello, 2-ply

This is the much-despised soy silk spun so long ago and set aside for projects much less frustrating. I’m plying it with some bamboo silk top picked up at the Yarn Tree in Brooklyn last summer.

Snow-white singles

The bamboo silk is nice, if a bit fly-away. I spun up more than half of it and plied it with the soy; didn’t have enough, though, so I’m working on spinning the rest of the top to finish it off.

It’s almost done, it’s almost done, it’s almost done…

I still hate this soy. I thought it would be better to ply than it was to spin, but no. It’s still a pain. It is shiny and soft and laceweight, and I’m hopeful it will make a nice finished yarn. But I really can’t stand working with it.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fibery gifts I received this year. My mom got  me two awesome books…

Yay for new inspiration!

Itty Bitty Toys and Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders. Itty Bitty Toys is just adorable; I love the hippo (Rav link) most of all, I think. And I’m already planning a couple Cashmere Neckwarmers (Rav link) and a Bison Shawlette (Rav link), though probably not actually from buffalo fiber.

I also got a super awesome gift from the super awesome Dr. Allison.

Red and purple and shiny and textured

This is my first Loop batt ever, and it’s chock full of incredible stuff (Rav link). Dr. Al did great, though I suspect she might just be trying to buy me off so as to lessen the goading cajoling harrassment encouragement she will receive as she works to finish her eighteen–yes, eighteen–identified Finish-or-Frog WIPs. Nice try, Dr. Al, but sorry…you still get no mercy!! 🙂 j/k

This batt is going to make a wonderfully textured yarn…after I finally clear off a spindle to work with! Only the turquoise whorl is nekkid right now, and that’s not the ideal spindle for this beautiful batt.

So I guess I have some spinning to do!


3 thoughts on “A Brand New Year

  1. Allison says:

    Hey I even wrote down number 18… you should be proud. And I haven’t found any more lurking in my apartment.

    I love the snow and the malabrigo lace. Itty Bitty knits is just too cute for words.

  2. Emilee says:

    OMG, Dr. Al gave away something red and sparkly instead of keeping it? She’s a really good friend 😉

    Happy new year!

  3. […] did take a little break last week from Malabrigo March to do some spinning. Remember the sparkly Loop Batt that Allison got me for Xmas? It’s  now a 154-yard skein of Navajo-plied […]

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