In Which the Sock Knitter Goes Hat Crazy

I’ve never really been a big hat knitter. I guess everyone has their thing, and for me that’s mostly been socks. Sure, there’s a scarf here, a sweater there, a couple bags, a pair of mitts…but hats have never really been my thing.

It’s kind of weird, too, because hats are such instant gratification. They take so little yarn and so little time, you’d think I’d have knit more of them. Well, maybe I’m making up for lost time, because I been on a little hat kick recently and can’t explain why.

First was my handspun Selbu Modern, and then came this handspun number…

Mountain Nights Toque, with pom

…which, at first, I thought might have been better in theory. The pompom makes it, though. This is the Mountain Nights Toque (Rav link) in my “Creation of Adam” handspun merino. I cast on two extra repeats on US 10 needles for this one, since the pattern calls for bulky and this is more of a worsted, and it did come out pretty slouchy and squishy.

Gahh! Apologies for the dreaded “no-make-up” shot…

I like it, but not on me so much. I’m clearly not a beanie-style-hat person.

Next came the Half-pipe Hat (Rav link). I’d made one of these before, and it’s a pretty quick pattern, again on US 10s. This one worked up in one night, over only a few quick hours.

Nothin’ but a g-thang…

I used some long-stashed plastic canvas for the brim, and the yarn is Sheep Shop Sheep 2 bulky-weight I picked up on closeout during a recent trip up to WEBS with a couple of doctors. I’m thinking this will be gifted to my brother, as he can probably rock this way, way better than I can.

Finally, there’s Beaumont.

Hello, colorwork…

On the same trip up to Northampton, the docs and I stopped into Northampton Wools, where I (finally!) picked up one of their last copies of Jared Flood’s book for Classic Elite, “Made in Brooklyn.” I also picked up two balls of Plymouth Mulberry Merino, which I just could not walk away from, to start this tam.

The yarn is buttery soft and drapy and shiny. I’m loving it, but it is splitty. Very splitty. I knit the ribbing on a metal US 4 fixed circular needle from Knitpicks, and that was kind of torture. The needle was way too pointy and kept splitting the stuff apart. After the ribbing, I switched to a US 7 fixed Harmony wood circ from Knitpicks…much, much better. It’s notably less sharp of a point, so while it still splits, it’s not nearly as bad.

The only other issue I’ve had with the yarn so far is the yardage. It only comes in 99-yard hanks…which I thought would be enough…which was clearly a delusion on my part. I’m two rounds away from the start of the decreases, and I’m out of the white. Boo. Another hank is on it’s way, but I was hoping to have this finished and blocking by the weekend. Oh well. I just really hope the red doesn’t bleed into the white when I wash it…spray block maybe?? Instead of wet block? We’ll see…

And at least it’s the white and not the red. How off can dyelots really be on white? Oh, sweet delusion…


One thought on “In Which the Sock Knitter Goes Hat Crazy

  1. theherocomplex says:

    Holy cow! You are a hat-knitting speed demon! I’ve got to get a move on to catch up 🙂

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