Like a Hug, Only Tweedier

Quite some time ago…probably going on a couple of years now…the infamous purveyor of amazing things known as School Products had a sale.

Well, such a momentous occasion couldn’t go uncelebrated, so I indulged a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. But they had camel and yak and laceweight cones…oh, my, it just couldn’t be helped! They also had these gigantic cones of Italian tweed–wool, cotton, silk and rayon all blended together.

Hello, Tweed!

How could I say no?

Well, this tweed has lingered for a while. At one point, it was on its way to becoming Smokin’ (Rav link) for my stepfather, but it quickly became clear that even this huge cone wouldn’t be enough to make a sweater that would fit a man as large as my stepfather.

So, it sat around a while longer, before I finally decided that the time  had come to try to make a dent in this stuff. Send in the Big Sack Sweater.

Tweed and cables are like peas and carrots

There’s no shaping here. Nothing fancy or lacy. It’s a simple raglan sack of a sweater that’s ridiculouly warm and downright cozy.

I added a couple inches to the body length here, and probably could have added a couple more. It’s still a tad short in the back for me, but it works. I also added length to the sleeves, and they’re just perfect.

I was worried about the wool content. The rolled collar rests right against my neck. The wool content must be pretty low in this, though, because it softened significantly after a bath and a good soak in conditioner and it hasn’t caused me any itchies so far.

Sorry, this is the best shot I could get…

I decided to seam, rather than changing it to knit in the round, for a couple reasons. First, I really like the structure that seaming gives to a sweater. I think it holds together well and just fits more like I want it to. Second, I love the mattress stitch. I don’t know why. Can’t really explain it. But taking all those pieces of a sweater and seaming them up, watching the stitches just slide in next to each other all snug…well, I really enjoy it. And this one was no exception.

So, there you have it. Another sweater successfully finished. And that cone of tweed? Well, after frogging the remnants of Smokin’, you can barely tell I even made a dent it the thing. I think it might turn into a much-altered version of the Estes Vest (Rav link)…maybe even with sleeves!

BTW, the mini mittens from the previous post were made using this pattern (Rav link), with a couple small changes. I reversed the thumb increases on the second mitten to that they would be a matching pair, instead of identical twins. From start to finish, they took about an hour and a half to make, and they barely made a dent in the scrap ball of sock yarn.

The palm shot, for scale

 And, they are just freaking cute!


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