Selbu Goes Modern…and Handspun…

What do you get when you take this light-fingering weight merino/yak handspun…

Ohhhh, yak blend….

…throw it together with this light-fingering weight handspun cashmere down…

Ohhhh, cashmere….

 …and add in a set of US 0 dpns, a set of US 2 dpns, a US 2 circ and a dinner plate? Well, you get a Selbu Modern, of course!


This is a delightful little pattern, another almost instant gratification project. 

While the final hat is wonderfully light and slouchy, I did have my doubts about this one as I wove in the ends. It was like a child-sized beanie just off the needles. But it grew and the stitches and floats seriously evened out with a good wash…and, to block, it stretched out to fit perfectly over a full-sized dinner plate.

Just enought contrast for me…

This is also remarkably warm, especially considering how lightweight the yarns were. Of course, the stranding helps there, but I think the fiber content plays a big part as well. This one will get a whole lot of use as the New England winter sets in.

The Obligatory Angsty Emo Modeled Shot

I’m so ready for snow!

 To deal with the lack of sleep and general stress of late, I’ve emersed myself in holiday preparations.

Deck the halls with miniature cashmere mittens!

My apartment is totally decked out…which I love…and I’ve been working on little projects here and there, including some crafts that are destined for the gifting which totally breaks all my own rules. Oh well…I’ve got time and nervous energy aplenty.

Madori, however, has taken a different approach…

In case you can’t tell, this is a GIANT wee poochie yawn, on the couch, with cozy pillows

…the couch-camping approach. What a tortured little soul…such a difficult life!!

What’s next? Why, a long-finished but finally photographed FO!


One thought on “Selbu Goes Modern…and Handspun…

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