Wha-bam! FO!

In the running for fastest FO in recent memory: The Shetland Triangle.

Well, hello there, beautiful!

Maybe it was my mood, maybe it’s just the pattern, maybe it was the US 6 needles, maybe it was my undying love for this yarn…whatever it was, this baby flew! The only reason it wasn’t finished sooner was because I had to wait for the blocking wires to show. Well, they did…

Ahhh, how do I love thee, blocking wires? Let me count the ways…

…and now I must profess my newfound enfatuation with my blocking wires. They’re FANTASTIC. How did I ever, ever block lace without them?? They make the points so nice and…pointy. They make the symmetry so nice and…symmetrical. They make the lace so nice and…lacy. They were easy to slip through the eyelets, and they helped the piece dry so quickly. Just…ah…there are no words…so awesome…

Pretty little fir cone swirls

The piece itself is drapy, yet substantial. Pleione ended up being more thick-and-thin than I realized while it was in the skein, but it really didn’t matter for this project. Everything, from the quality of the handspun to the color variation in the fiber blend, just worked out better than I ever could have hoped. It’s just a teensy bit scratchy on my wool-sensitive neck, but it’s tolerable…which is good, because I don’t think I could give this one up if I wanted to.

I heart you, Shetland Triangle

Up next: Another FO! Using handspun! Including this handspun…


…because cashmere is a girl’s best friend!


2 thoughts on “Wha-bam! FO!

  1. Emilee says:

    It’s beautiful!

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