Just Keep Knitting, Sewing…You Know, Whatever

What do you do when your whole life blows up in your face, when everything you had planned falls apart?

Well, you find ways to laugh, you focus on the positive, you pick up the pieces and you move on. And you try to find ways to cope with massive amounts of nervous energy.

Holy hand-sewn project bags, Batman!

In my case, much crafting has ensued in the past few days since everything I believed in for my life fell apart. There’s been much knitting , less spinning and actually a whole lot of sewing, which does take some explaination.

I decided that, if I was going to knit lace out of some very special handspun, I’d better quote a fabulous member of my SnB and “Go big or go home.” So, I placed my very first Knitpicks order, which included blocking wires and foam tiles. Well, everything is shipping seperately, which is perplexing on its own, so the wires aren’t here yet, but the tiles showed up.

Hi! We make blocking awesome!

Yeah, they showed up just like that: all naked in a box. So, of course, they need a bag to be stored in. Out came the sewing machine and out came this:

It’s all in the presentation

Silk brocade, some old stashed suiting material, black thread and a ribbon: Voila!

Well, once I had the machine out, I just couldn’t stop! I took a look at my stash of fat quarters and decided it was time to bust out a whole bunch of knitting and spinning project bags to further my goal of eliminating plastic from my knitting basket.

Already being put to good use

Such cute patterned fabric, such instant gratification. Sure the seams are a little wonky on a couple, but I don’t claim to be a seamstress. These just make me so happy!

On the knitting front, I cast on, cast off and wove end in on the shetland triangle all within a matter of days. I haven’t had a project go that fast in a long, long time, and this was perfect for my frame of mind this week.

Hello there, handspun lace

A proper posting when those wires finally show up and this lovely gets a proper block.

On a personal note, I’m actually doing quite well despite all the ick I’ve had happen very recently, far better than I should probably be. And thank goodness for friends and hobbies; they make the worst things so much easier to cope with.


One thought on “Just Keep Knitting, Sewing…You Know, Whatever

  1. lilmommacass says:

    I know what its like once you get goin’ on the sewing machine. I sewed 6 or 7 of these huge monster sewing bags here recently–my craft room is still recovering…

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