From Silk to Yak

Between being sick and caring for my poor little wee fluffball, who did a number on her back last week, I’ve missed more than a little time at work and I’ve had more than a little couch time.

My poor medicated Madori…

So, in between naps and medicating and trips to the doctor and trips to the vet, I’ve managed to get some significant fiber work accomplished.

First, I finished “Soleil,” the two ounces of tussah silk top that I got from Shadeyside Farm at Rhinebeck in 2008. And I’m ridiculously proud of the final yarn.

A solar flare of silk
A solar flare of silk

It’s 379 yards of light fingering weight, Navajo plied, and I believe it’s my most evenly spun yarn yet. It’s also a testament to the practice I’ve put into my Navajo plying. No chain bumps here!

I just love me some silk

Not sure what Soleil’s going to be yet. I’m still trying to decide how I can best show off this colorway, especially since it’s going to stripe. But for now, I’m just really enjoying admiring it. And man, I just love working with silk tops!

I turned this delicious 2 ounce bump of 50/50 blend of merino and brown yak fiber from the Yarn Tree in Brooklyn, NY


…into this 265-yard hank of light fingering Navajo plied loveliness.


This was a challenge to spin. It was my first time working with a short-stapled fiber, and even with the merino in the blend, it was still a painstaking process that took a lot of concentration while working with it. It was also my first time using my Kundert spindle, which I did enjoy. It spins like nothing I’ve ever seen, however, the tapered shaft was a little problematic. A couple times, the fine single broke and the spindle dropped…and the cop slid right off the spindle. I was able to slide it back on and didn’t lose any yardage or get any tangles, but it was traumatic. A good lesson for using this spindle.

Despite the learning curve, the final yarn is soft and squishy and just naturally beautiful. I love how the natural verigation in the merino and yak play with each other throughout the hank.

So pretty…

This is destined to be the main color in Selbu Modern (Rav link), with a contrast of some similar weight single-ounce handspun cashmere down that I finished plying last night. More on that after it gets a nice bath.

I also finished a new sweater, started a Shetland Triangle (Rav link) out of some of my ribbon-winning handspun and started a new pair of very funky socks. Stay tuned!


One thought on “From Silk to Yak

  1. Emilee says:

    Ooooh what pretty yarn!

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