Rhinebeck 2009!

Another event kept me from the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck this year, and I’m sorry I missed it. Despite that, I did some representing at Rhinebeck…and Rhinebeck was good to me!

I sent four handspun skeins to Rhinebeck, and three of them came home with pretty pretty ribbons. This was my first time competing in a fiber festival, and I don’t believe it’ll be my last!

And now for the winners…

Cloud Nine took fifth place in the Novelty Skein class!

Yay, Cloud Nine!!

My beloved Pleione took second place in the Blended Skein class!

Yay, Pleione!

And Purple Passion took first place in the Novice Skein class!

Yay, Purple Passion!

I finished Purple Passion only a couple weeks before I sent in my entry, so it never got a mention here until now. This is a monster 610-yarn skein from 4.1 ounces of punta wool and mohair-blend mill ends from FiberFancy.

Adored this spin!

I couldn’t put the spindle down with this, it was so much fun. Beautiful color, drafted beautifully, a real joy to spin.

Lovely verigated purple waves

A bunch of my fibery friends did make it to Rhinebeck this year, so I did get a very enthusiastic on-the-scene report. They thought, however, that I only submitted three skeins. So Pleione’s ribbon came as a lovely surprise when my stuff made it home this week, as it happened to be the forgotten skein.

My fibery friends also brought me home a gift…

Pretty, pretty mix of colors!

…8 ounces of sari silk thrums, which are currently making their way little-by-little onto Monster as a funky art yarn.

Twisty tussah silk threads

I’m thinking of plying it with a thin black merino single, maybe with some black-dyed mohair locks tail spun in…you know, for fun!

So, yay for Rhinebeck 2009! And look out Rhinebeck 2010…I’ll be back for sure!!


One thought on “Rhinebeck 2009!

  1. Emilee says:

    Yay! We’re so proud of you!

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