An Attempt…

….to make up for two and a half months of blog negligence. Egads, I’ve been so bad!

So here goes! First, I finished the Twisted Tweed  (Rav link) socks…

Pretty twisted!
Pretty twisted!

…but because of yardage concerns, I had to make them smaller than I usually knit my socks, and they’re a bit too snug for my big feet. So, someone’s getting a great gift!

Next, I whipped out another pair of socks, which do fit and which I wish I could wear every day because, man, this yarn is just awesome.

My Lovelies
My Lovelies

These are the very viral Kai-Mei (Rav link), which have, of course, been made by eleventy-million knitters worldwide. These, however, are made from Aleyska by Pagewood Farms…and they are part cashmere…yeah. You could write poetry about this yarn…and that’s not an exaggeration. Yeah, I love these.

I also finished a second pair of pedi socks, this time using some of my handspun and this time they’re for me!

Now I needs the pedicures!
Now I needs the pedicures!

Simple, cute, quick and it was nice to use some of my own yarn for these as well. The handspun is “Fuego,” a 2-ply merino/tencel blend, and the coordinating yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock.

There’s also been stash enhancement and spinning and new projects and Rhinebeck, which I didn’t make it to this year but at which I did represent….more on that to come as I try to be a better blogger!


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