Spinning, spinning, spinning…and a wet mutt

Another week, another finished yarn!

Whats pink and green and wool all over?
What’s pink and green and wool all over?

This one was for the Ravelry Spindlers July challenge, which was to spin a “Renaissance” inspired yarn. You could interpret Renaissance however you wanted, so I went with this:

Michaelangelos Creation of Adam
Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam

This was my first challenge, and it was a fun one to do. So many inspiring artworks from that era, but this one called to me because it matched a braid in the stash.

This is 100 percent merino, 4 ounces, hand-dyed by FiberFancy. This is the first of the fiber from FiberFancy that I’ve spun up, and it was very nice to work with. Merino is definitly growing on me as well. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of merino, but I’m having an easier time with it lately, and I love what a soft and squishy handspun it makes.

Wonderfully soft merino
Wonderfully soft merino

I wound up with a little more than 208 yards of Navajo plied yarn, in the neighborhood of aran weight, spun on Little Joe and plied on Monster. I handsewed in about 160 2mm unakite beads and while the final product is just what I was going for, my methodology was…somewhat lacking. Next time I do a beaded yarn with beads this tiny, I’ll try thread plying with them prestrung on the thread. Sewing them on was tedious to say the very least.

A pain...but worth it
A pain…but worth it

I actually have, wonder of wonders, a knitting FO to show soon! Very exciting!

For now, though, I’ll leave you with a little wet mutt.

Shes so little!!!
I fits in da kitchen sink!

I picked up this Splish Splash shampoo for her at Petco, and she just smells so lovely!


Silly puppy, plus a WIP

Madori has developed a curious little quirk: She’s completely enamored with fresh, clean sheets.
There she is, stalking me, just waiting for the fresh sheets to be on the bed
There she is, stalking me, just waiting for the fresh sheets to be on the bed

It’s a little weird, though I myself enjoy clean sheets, so maybe she just picked it up from me. Either way, she just gets so excited.

Soooo happy to be on the bed!
Soooo happy to be on the bed!

She whines, she squeaks, she can just barely contain herself when she sees those sheets come out of the laundry bin and get made up on the bed.


Madori loves the clean sheets
Madori loves the clean sheets

Such a silly puppy.

The knitting has slowed down as I’m gradually slogging my way through a mindless-yet time-consuming project.

The Technicolor Scrap Scarf
The Technicolor Scrap Scarf

I’m really digging how it’s coming out, but these are some long, long rows. I cast on 500 stitches on a US 4 Addi Turbo, so each row takes about a half hour. And I’ve done a lot of rows.

So worth it for all the little woven stitches
So worth it for all the little woven stitches

It’s about five inches wide now and I’d like to add at least another inch and a half to it before it’s done. And, in the mean time, I’m using up a whole mess of my sock yarn scraps…which is all this is made of! Genius!

So styling...cant wait to wear you!
So styling…can’t wait to wear you!

I’m using this pattern (Rav link) and while it’s very simple, it’s really a great effect. But man…so much work…

Miss Madori has also taken a charm to sleeping under the bed, on top of the storage bins under there.

This particular bin holds sweaters, misc. craft stuff...and all my fiber!
This particular bin holds sweaters, some misc. craft stuff…and all my fiber!

Such a silly puppy!

Oh, no! Another craft!

Yup, that’s right. Another craft. Someone please stop me.

Or, maybe not…

Sew cute
Sew cute

See, it’s kind of knitting-related!

Here’s what happened: Last weekend, I decided that I absolutly hate that each and every one of my knitting and spinning projects is in a plastic bag. There’s nothing wrong with plastic bags, mind you. But they’re ugly. And I like my pretty fibers and pretty stitches and pretty spindles to be, well, pretty. So, I decided to pull out my dusty sewing machine, clean it up, remember how to thread it and try my hand at something new: project bags!

And I think I had some success.

I like the pretty!
I like the pretty!

I used this pattern for these two and dug the fabric out of my old stash because, yes, there is a fabric stash, too, albeit small. This is a pretty simple and straightforward pattern, nothing really intricate or difficult about it. But, my sewing skills are nothing to write home about, so it worked perfectly for me. And, there’s a total instant-gratification element to these; each one took about 45 minutes, from cutting to finished.

And they’re perfect for small projects, like a pair of socks….

A perfect fit!
A perfect fit!

…or a small spindle and a couple ounces of fiber.

Is that silk I see??
Is that silk I see??

This actually deserves a moment of pause. This is 2 ounces handpainted tussah silk from Shadeyside Farm in the “Soleil” colorway and it’s so amazingly pretty.

Ooooo, shiny....
Ooooo, shiny….

I’m spinning it on a 1.1 ounce stabilized turquoise-whorl spindle from KnotMyDayJob, which is pretty weighty for its very small size and spins a nice, even single. Plus, it’s just an amazing looking spindle.

Ill give you a moment to compose yourself...
I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself…

I also tried out this little pattern and made this little cotton bag out of a couple of fat quarters.

Love the dotty stripes
Love the dotty stripes

This one required making my first very buttonhole, which was…challenging. I couldn’t figure out how to use the automatic buttonhole foot on my machine (and have no idea what happened to my owner’s manual), so I did a manual buttonhole. It’s not perfect, but it worked out ok for this project, I think.

And look what’s inside!

Its Greensleeves! And some fiber!
It’s Greensleeves! And some fiber!

Have I mentioned I love merino/tencel? Yeah…

I think in the future I’d make this bag a little shorter and the other bags a little taller, but these were great learning experiences. So, there are definitly more hand-sewn bags to come.

There have to be; I have a lot of projects going and must get rid of the plastic!