My First Tweed

How can you not love a good tweed?

Shetland and Silk
Shetland and Silk

This was so much fun to spin.

It’s definitly not the softest of yarns. While it’s squishy and lofty, I wouldn’t want it directly on my skin. But, I think it’s really pretty, and I love the natural colors, which are so different from anything else I’ve spun so far.

Im a little bit British
I’m a little bit British

I did end up going with the Navajo ply, and I’m glad I did. It looks fantastic. This attempt at Navajo plying was far more successful than my first attempt, much more even and less noticable chaining bumps. I spun the singles on Joe and decided to ply on Monster, which was a really good choice. I can definitly tell the difference between plying on a lighter spindle and plying on a heavier spindle now. I also took my time with the chaining, and didn’t try to chain while the spindle was spinning. 

The final result is a solid worsted weight, 129 yards of tweedy goodness. Like almost all of my handspun, I don’t know what this will become. I just really enjoyed the spin.

Ummmm....silky tweed....
Ummmm….silky tweed….

There was some VM in this top, but not so much as to make it troublesome. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Shunklies…and I have to admit I’ve been admiring some of her other British breed tops. Herdwick, massam and manx loughton…ummmm…..

It’ll have to wait, though. I’ve engaged in a little stash enhancement lately (Damn those Etsy sales…but they were such good deals!!), so a sampling of British wools will just have to wait for now.

Up next: Some stash flashing!


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