Now for something a little happier…

I give you yarn!


I know. Big surprise, right?

But it’s squishy and stripey and bright and happy, perfect to chase the blues of another gray, rainy, damp week.

Look! Three Plies! Thats new!
Look! Three Plies! That’s new!

This is the BFL top from DragonFibers, spun on Su and Navajo plied on Joe.  I wound up with 162 yards of fairly even 3-ply and decided, since it was the “Gems” colorway, to call it “Precious,” since rubies, sapphires and emeralds are all precious gems, get it?

One colorful skein
One colorful skein

 While it pales in comparison to Pleione, I love it for its own merits. I did achieve a light worsted weight, which is fantastic because I don’t want to just be a laceweight spinner. I want to be able to spin at different weights, and this spin gave me confidence that I could achieve it. It was also a great single to work my first Navajo ply on and to see how it really eats up yardage while doing some very cool things, like creating beautiful color transitions and preserving the striping in the painted top. Yes, it’s a little wonky, not the smoothest ply in the world. But still very cool and the yarn is balanced.

And it’s got me considering Navajo plying for my next skein, which I’m working up very quickly on Joe, though I must admit, the thought of this as a 2-ply really rocks my socks.

Natural black Shetland with stripes of white tussah
Natural black Shetland with stripes of white tussah

Where I was only ‘eh’ about BFL, I’m loving Shetland. I actually finished the singles only a few hours after I shot these photos. And I didn’t even take a photo of the top before starting it, I was so excited to try it out. It literally only took me a few days to spin all four ounces…and I’m not really a fast spindle spinner, I just couldn’t put it down!

Digging the contrast
Obligatory single shot

Some of the silk was a little slubby, but it works perfectly with the Shetland, which is undyed and still very sheepy…my hands have a distinctive sheep smell after working with this. The top is direct from the UK, from Shunklies, who is a fantastic fiber-loving seller that I cannot reccomend enough. There was a little VM in it, but overall it was great to work with and I’m loving the tweediness of the silk in with the natural black wool.

So pretty
So pretty

My houseguests are gone, which means life has returned to the regular grind…at least until one of them comes back up for a couple days this weekend. Madori will be happy. She’s been a little mopey without her twin so far this week, though I’m sure the weather isn’t helping.

Such a sweet little girl
Such a sweet little girl

Who doesn’t feel blah when it’s so icky outside?



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