Some catching up to do!

For the record, the winning gardenia was No. 2.

Pretty white petals
Pretty white petals

And the whole room smelled amazing right after this bloomed. So lovely.

So, I’ve been such a bad blogger its not even funny! But, the beauty of not updating for a while is that I have so much to catch up on! We’ll start with an FO: the Huntington Socks for Mr. Blue-eyes.


These are just awesome. Mr. Blue-eyes loves them and, wonder of wonders, they fit!! Yay!!

*Not* modeled by Mr. Blue-eyes
*Not* modeled by Mr. Blue-eyes

The details are what make these just a great finished sock. The Railway Stitch adds texture and visual interest, as well as form-fitting ease, to the sock and the striped heels and toes make them super fancy.

These were a quick knit, too. If not for a little break between socks, they probably would have been done in two weeks.

I’ve also been spinning, spinning, spinning like a spinning, spinning, spinning fool.

I’m working on the merino-bamboo batts from Rhinebeck on my Greensleeves Tom Foolery…

Purple merino-bamboo
Red/purple merino-bamboo

…and my Rhinebeck soy silk on the Bosworth Mini, which feels so tiny in my hands compared to the other spindles, but man does it dance like no other on the end of the single!

A very bright and interesting combination of colors
A very bright and interesting combination of colors

The soy silk actually deserves some commentary. This stuff gave me fits! At the time that this photo was taken, I was so fed up with the stuff that it took all my willpower not to scrap these singles and pick up something more fun to spin, like the two ounces of tussah just waiting for me  in the stash. I just couldn’t get the hang of it, even after receiving a tutorial from master silk spinner and laceweight idol, TerriSpins (rav link). So I set it aside, worked on the pewter merino/silk project, worked on the merino/bamboo project, and tried to forget about the nasty, evil soy silk.

And then I picked it back up and actually watched what I was doing. And realized very quickly that there can be zero, zilch, nada, absolutely no twist in the draft zone with this stuff. Even a half turn of the spindle is too much. That little bit of twist and it ceases to be beautiful and starts being bitchy.

It was a total “ah, ha” moment. I’ve spun almost an ounce now, and things are going much, much better.

In other spinning news, I picked up a couple of monster sized spindles from Heavenly Hansdpinning, and quickly worked up 2 ounces of merino/tencel blend top that I’m in the process of plying. More on that soon.

And I ordered these pretty, pretty, curly, curly cotswold locks from Dyeing for Color so that I can try my hand at my first art yarn. I’m planning on trying to integrate some tailspun locks into a single of ultrafine merino…sounds much easier than I suspect it will actuall be but  I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can try it out!

On the non-knitting/spinning front, Jackson has gotten huge…though it would be nice if his head would grow to catch up with his body…what happened to that little puppy??….

You know you just want to love me...
You know you just want to love me…

…Jackson and Madori don’t get to see each other as often, since Big Changes are still underway, and they really seem to miss each other…very sweet…

Dont touch my hedgehog, Jackson
Don’t touch my hedgehog, Jackson

….and this is what you get when you can’t eat any of the dairy-laden desserts offered at the Asian-fusion restaurant, but the cute little waitresses still want to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Blow out the candle on your birthday fruit!
Blow out the candle on your birthday fruit!

I can only hope that this coming year will be as wonderful and promising as this past year turned out to be!


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