Feeling Breezy?

Well, are you?

Feeling Breezy
“Feeling Breezy”

How about now?

So, it’s underplied.

And possibly overspun.

But it’s lovely nonetheless.

Up close and personal
Up close and personal

The colors are much more muted when plied, a good lesson in color for all my future spinning, and it reminds me of a breezy summer sky.

Three breezy skeins
Three breezy skeins

I wound up with three skeins, for a total of 769.5 yards–a fantastic amount of yardage–at 36 WPI, making this a nice 2-ply lace weight. I’m thinking its going to end up as a Waves of Grain scarf; I have some seed beads that will match really nicely.

I decided to skein and wash my first spinning, the Mocha Latte merino from Fiber Monster, and boy what a difference that made! It looks so much better!

My First Handspun
My First Handspun

The SnBers, in their ever infinite wisdom, said that I should do something with this. So I did. Behold my fiber art!

My touchable, smooshable, squishable new art
My touchable, smooshable, squishable new art

It looks so amazing on my living room wall! Fits right in with cozy chair and my vase of knitting needles!

Such a homey touch!
Such a homey touch!

Could an installation be in my future? Only time will tell!


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