The Good Life…Plus an FO and Some WIPs

Life is good. So very, very good.
Welcome home!
Welcome home!

 While things have already been rearranged, and the living room no longer looks like this (and I have no doubt that things will be rearranged yet again), I’m home. Finally. And it feels wonderful.

I am living in a bit of a bubble, though. Thank goodness for free WiFi at the Stitch n’ Bitch coffeehouse, because it’s helped me regain my bearings a little bit. Without cable and Internet yet, I feel like I’m insulated. But, that’ll change on Saturday when I’m finally ‘hooked up,’ as they say.

The place is so comfy, though, and so undeniably *me,* that I’m really very happy with the choice that I made, and I’m even more certain that it was the right choice.

Madori’s pretty comfy too.

Mommas new bed is the best bed ever! Sooooo comfy :)
Momma’s new bed is the best bed ever! Sooooo comfy 🙂

I’ll admit, I was worried about how she would adjust to our place and our new schedule, but so far she seems sublimely happy to have me and our home all to herself.

Despite the being busy with the move, I’ve actually managed to get some fiber time in. Go me! First, an FO:

My Ribbi Pedis
My Ribbi Pedis

Nothing to go too crazy about, just a wooly little pair of pedicure socks. I got a pedicure in a snowstorm a month or so ago, and decided that these were absolutly necessary. Bare feet and flip-flops in the snow and slush are really no fun at all!

These are based on the Pedicure Socks from, though I only used them as a loose guide. They’re a simple 2 x2 rib with a slip-stitch heel, and they just flew along on my US 5 dpns.

Sweet little slipped stitches
Sweet little slipped stitches

The yarn is Araucania Nature Wool that’s been in my stash *forever,* just waiting for the right project. I think it worked out really nicely for these.

I also started a pair of toe-ups with some South West Trading Company TOFUtsies yarn that I picked up in a Ravelry trade:

Pretty little pink cables
Pretty little pink cables

I likes them very much. And, since I was craving cables lately, these totally fit the bill for me.

I’m normally a top-down sock knitter, but I’ve used this toe-up pattern (Ann Budd’s Working Socks from the Toe-up [Rav link] from Interweave Knits) before and I really like it. Plus, I love how customizable it is.  And the yarn is great to work with. I’m digging how the colorway, which is called “Tender Foot,” is flashing.

And what girl doesn’t need a pair of pink socks???

On the spinning front, I *finally* finished the 2 oz. of tussah silk that I’ve been working on for what seems like an eternity. Now, I’m plying…

Singles, becoming 2-ply laceweight
Singles, becoming 2-ply laceweight

…and there is still much plying to be done!

My Lazy Kate is a marvel of modern craftsmanship (read: an empty toaster box impaled by two rarely-used US 15 straight plastic needles [which, as an aside, were actually my first needles ever and the ones that I learned to knit on] that hold my paper-towel-roll bobbins). And though it pales in comparison to the lovely little Bosworth, it definately serves its purpose.

While it’s uneven and slubby at times, it’s definitely laceweight and its definitely yarn. And that makes me definitely proud of myself.

And this also makes me very, very happy:

A blue-eyed man and a blonde-haired dog in the place thats mine-all-mine
A blue-eyed man and a blonde-haired dog in the place that’s mine-all-mine

Life is just so good.